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Intuitive Eating: Halloween Edition

This article was written in October of 2017. I know now that my perception of intuitive eating at that time was wrong and a lot of what I said in this post comes from a very “diet culture-y” place; however, I want to be transparent and show the evolution of my beliefs, values and education

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Make 2016 Your Healthiest Year Yet

How many of you have ever made a New Years resolution? (All of you raise your hands.) How many of you have stuck with those resolutions for the first week? (75% of you raise your hands.) How many of you continued to worked towards that goal for six more¬†months? Well… this is awkward. Sadly, this

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How To Beat A Binge

So for those of you who don’t know me personally, my big brother got married this past weekend. And my boyfriend turned the big 2-5. And I got offered a job to be a wellness dietitian (Official Title: Health Enhancement Coordinator) for a school district of almost 1,000 employees, which is basically my dream job.

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