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Flourless Protein Pancakes

I know it’s Taco Tuesday, but pancakes are acceptable every day of the week, right? ; ) This recipe is an oldie but a goodie, so I thought I would give it a little time in the spotlight for those of you who have never made it before! I absolutely love breakfast food at all

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How To: Make Early Morning Workouts Happen

You probably think I’m crazy for thinking I can convince you to set your alarm for 5 am to wake up and go to the gym. But just hear me out. I have started working out early in the morning at least 1 time a week, for one reason or the other. If I have

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How To Be Fit & Happy

Ever heard the expression “fat & happy”? Replace that with FIT & happy. When you look and feel great, how could you not be happy, right?! Actually, there’s more to it than that. Listen up. 1. Do it for YOU. If you are trying to be fit to please anyone besides yourself, you will never

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