Discount Codes

Hi everyone!

As a blogger, I have the opportunity to work with certain brands and offer special discounts just for the amazing people who follow me here and on Instagram! I thought it would be nice to have these all saved in one place for you to easily access whenever you need them! I also have them saved in my IG story highlights under “codes” but this seemed a little more user-friendly to me. I hope this is helpful. : )

Below you will find my personal discount codes that will save you money on a variety of products! The name of each product/brand is also a direct link to their site so you can shop and check out their products.

Disclaimer: I do earn commission from some of these brands if you use my affiliate code and/or link. Thank you so much for supporting Wellness For The Win and allowing me to continue doing what I love!


Further Food Collagen:

Collagen is essentially another form of protein powder that you can add to a variety of foods. It doesn’t have any added sugars or fillers, it’s odorless and tasteless, and dissolves in any liquid, so it’s easy to add to almost anything, which is why I love it! It’s an easy way to get some additional high-quality protein; they have collagen made from grass-fed cows & marine collagen (made from fish). I like both, but usually stick with the marine! I add it to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.!

  • Code: wellnessforthewin
  • Deal: 10% off

Daily Harvest:

Daily Harvest offers a variety of different foods — including smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, sundaes, overnight oats, etc. — that are all frozen and delivered to your door. They are made with healthy ingredients, and can either be microwaved or blended up to provide a healthy meal or snack in a matter of minutes! These are so nice to have in your freezer if you’re a busy, on-the-go person that also prioritizes eating well. Use my code to check them out! Only available online.

  • Code: wellnessforthewin
  • Deal: 3 free cups with your order (can be smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, overnight oats, etc.!)

Life Equals: 

Life Equals is a supplement company based in Kansas City that offers women’s multivitamins, omega-3s, Focus+Energy pills, probiotics and my personal favorite – their Balance shots, which provide 1/2 of your day’s servings of fruits and veggies, all in one little shot! They are delish and filled with only good stuff. (I always say, this is not meant to replace real, whole fruits & veggies in your diet, but like all supplements, a good way to  fill in the gaps!)

  • Code: wellnessforthewin
  • Deal: 50% off subscriptions + free shipping


Square Organics

Square Bars are some of my favorite protein bars to keep on hand for snacks; they pretty much taste like candy bars. My favorites are the chocolate coated ones (especially the chocolate coated cookie dough and chocolate coated peanut butter), but their new peanut butter protein crispy bars are delish too! You can’t go wrong. Their bars are organic & good sources of plant-based protein.

Balance by BistroMD:

They have delicious grass-fed whey protein bars (that I have tried and loved), as well as a variety of pre-made healthy meals available on their site. All of their stuff is created by a team of dietitians, which I obviously love!

  • Code: WFTW
  • Deal: 15% off + free shipping on orders of $99+


Smile Brilliant Whitening Kits:

Click here to read more about my experience with Smile Brilliant and see my before & after photos! Their products are definitely effective, and much more affordable than what you would get from the dentist.

  • Code: FORTHEWIN15
  • Deal: 15% off whitening kit

I also have a discount code for Smile Brilliant’s new electric toothbrush! I have personally been using it for several months now and I love it. Electric toothbrushes are much better for your teeth and gums than regular old toothbrushes, so if you haven’t made the switch, now is the time! My discount makes it such an amazing deal compared to other electric toothbrushes out there!

  • Code: FORTHEWIN50
  • 50% off toothbrush making it ~$60


Beauty Brands Salon & Spa Services:

Click here to read more about my Spring/Summer Hair Refresh with Beauty Brands, as well as some of my favorite hair products!


Amazon Affiliate Page:

I have linked some of my favorite items on my Amazon Influencer page to make it easy for you to shop them! Some of the items include: kitchen essentials, cooking oils, some beauty products, books, clothing and more.

Sudio Bluetooth Headphones:

If you’ve been on the hunt for some Bluetooth headphones, the search is over. I love these and use them all the time! They are rechargeable (but last several days before I have to charge them again), they are actually CUTE and super easy to sync up to my phone and listen to music, or use them for phone calls. I also don’t have any trouble with them staying in my ears while I run/walk. I have the Sudio Tre White, which has a cord that rests behind your neck, but I have my eye on their new cordless ear buds!

  • Deal: 15% off headphones

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington has a variety of classic, stylish watches that look great with anything! I have a couple different ones with different band widths and face colors and love pairing them with different outfits! I wear my Apple Watch 90% of the time, but when I want to look a little dressier, I always throw on one of these! : )

  • Code: WELLNESS15
  • Deal: 15% off watches



I will continue to update and add to this page as I collaborate with more brands so I can help you guys save money and try some new, amazing products that I use and love!

Thank you again for your support!