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Thank you for stopping by Wellness For The Win! My name is Shanna and I am a Registered Dietitian with a huge passion for health and wellness, specifically through healthy food and exercise. I was born and raised in the midwest, Kansas to be exact, and I’ve never left. This place is near and dear to my heart, and it will always be home, regardless of the adventures life may take Ethan and I on in the future (my husband as of September 2017). 

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Ethan and I with our sweet fur child, Harley! 🙂

I grew up in a very active family; my brother and I both played multiple sports, my dad was a sportscaster for 35+ years, and my mom was the best soccer mom and support system any of us could’ve asked for. Needless to say, our lives revolved around sports and physical activity. However, nutrition was not a priority during my childhood years. We were always busy and on-the-go between games, practices and tournaments, and McDonald’s was consumed on a regular basis. As a kid, I wouldn’t go near most vegetables, especially green beans! Naturally, that started changing as I grew up.

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I started becoming interested in exercise and really paying attention to the food I was putting in my body in middle/high school when I quit all of my sports and became a cheerleader. My curiosity and love for food and nutrition continued to grow throughout my college career. I attended college at Kansas State University and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life as a freshman (who does?), but I soon discovered the field of nutrition & dietetics, and realized that it didn’t just have to be my passion anymore; it could be my profession, as well.

After five years at K-State, including one whole year of dietetic internships, I finally sat for the RD exam and passed to officially become a Registered Dietitian. I now have the opportunity to motivate and educate others on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, teach them the why behind it.


I was blessed with a very unique experience as a brand-new dietitian right out of school. After I passed my exam, I quickly accepted a part-time job in a clinical setting in the hopes that it would eventually turn into a full-time position. Not even one month after I took that job, another part-time position opened up for a Wellness Coordinator at a school district. Wellness has always been my biggest passion, so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

My first two jobs could not have been more different, which allowed me to see health on all ends of the spectrum, and learn a ton. As a Wellness Coordinator, I worked with people who were well, motivated, and wanted to make healthy lifestyle changes, and as a Clinical Dietitian, I see people who are ill, and most of them are wishing they had taken better care of themselves before they got to that hospital bed. Although these two environments are complete opposites, they have one very important thing in common — there is an opportunity to educate. It is never too late to teach or adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and that is my favorite part about my job.

I love seeing that “lightbulb” turn on when I am talking to someone about food and nutrition and they realize that good health truly is attainable, and it doesn’t mean that they have to completely eliminate all of the foods that they love most. I believe in balance, but I also believe that it’s so easy to make healthy foods also taste extremely delicious.

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Fries


I created Wellness For The Win on a whim one day in May 2015, and I never imagined that it would become what it has over the past few years. I have learned so much since I started this blog, and my Instagram account (@wellnessforthewin) continues to grow each day. I have become extremely dedicated to sharing my health journey with others in the hopes that I can inspire them to do what I’ve done, which is achieve a wonderful balance in my life, by eating lots of fruits and veggies and exercising often, but also allowing myself to fully enjoy life free of restriction with the people I love.

Now that you know how I got here, I hope you will stay awhile and explore. I think you will find that I am extremely open about my past and current struggles, and I am far from perfect, although I still try to be sometimes. I want to encourage you to read some of my previous posts to learn about my struggles with perfectionism, body image, digestive issues, disordered eating behaviors and more, as many of you can probably relate to my long and complicated journey to health and self-acceptance.

I hope that WFTW can be a place for you to find truth, facts about nutrition (from someone who went through five years of school learning about it), some laughs, and lastly, tons of delicious recipes that your whole family will love.

I am so excited about all of the opportunities that have started happening through my blog, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Wellness For The Win! Thank you so much for joining me. Follow me on Instagram @wellnessforthewin to get lots of healthy meal ideas and keep up with my daily eats and workouts! I love meeting new people and talking about food, so feel free to message me anytime with questions! I can also be contacted via email at


In health,

Shanna Hutcheson, RD LD

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  1. Shanna,

    Great blog! I started following you on Instagram a while ago, but just started looking through your blog! I am from the KC area too and excited to try some new recipes!! 🙂


  2. I am a KSU student and am just beginning my internship year through the CP program! I love your blog and your Instagram account, too. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all of the recipes and sharing your love of food!

    1. Aw thank you so much Annie!! You’re too sweet. Best of luck at K-State with the program!! You are in great hands- I loved my experience there. Tell Dr. Sauer hello for me!! 🙂 if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!! Xo

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