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My followers shared a long list of FREE at-home workouts (and equipment) to take advantage of while we all #stayhome, so I wanted to share them here for you to easily refer back to now & in the future! When life eventually goes back to normal. : )

Let’s face it — the situation happening in our world right now is taking a TOLL of all of our physical & mental health. A lot of us look at exercise as a great form of stress relief, and your routine is likely thrown off due to everything going on. If you’re like me and usually workout at a gym or fitness studio that is now closed for the foreseeable future, you’re feeling especially lost!

However, I want to mention that if you are feeling super overwhelmed during this time and don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise, that is completely okay, too. I know that all of this feels really scary and emotions are high.

It’s important to let yourself feel your feelings and if the pressure of exercising feels like too much right now, please allow yourself to rest. Going on walks in more than enough during this time. Your mental health is priority!

Click here for more information and coping strategies to help you through this.

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Scroll to the bottom for some at-home workout equipment to purchase if you need some extra motivation or if body-weight workouts aren’t doing it for you!

At-Home Workouts: Instagram/IG Lives

  • My fitness studio Health House is doing daily workouts @health_house
  • @trainwithalign
  • @rrayyme live workouts daily @ 9 AM PST
  • @fusionfitnesskc
  • @pure_barre
  • @foodfitnessandfaith
  • @allisonnill
free at home workouts

YouTube Channels

At-Home Workouts: streaming/On-Demand/FB

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at-home workouts: mobile apps

At-Home Workout Equipment

If you’re anything like me and usually workout at a gym or fitness studio, you might be stuck at home with ZERO EQUIPMENT for workouts. That’s okay!

If you don’t want to purchase anything, you can totally get creative and use your stairs, chairs, books, jars of marinara sauce, your dogs (lol) — anything you want to use as a weight or bench, etc.

Otherwise, here are some affordable items you might want to consider for at-home workout motivation!

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free at home workouts, equipment, fitness
free at home workouts

I hope these free at-home workouts will help give you some ideas of resources & equipment you can utilize to stay active while staying home!

Of course, get outside for some fresh air & vitamin D as often as you can, too! While keeping a safe distance from others, of course. 😉 Please let me know if there is anything major that I missed in the comments below!

Stay safe and healthy my friends!



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