Episode #10: Things I Chilled Out About As Rhett Got Older

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This one is for all the mamas. Today I’m talking about allllll the things I chilled out about as my son got older. As a new, first-time mom, it’s easy to stress about EVERY single little thing. I know I did, anyway.

In this episode, I’m touching on all the things – big and small – that got a lot easier over time. Everything from baby putting their dirty hands in their mouth constantly (lol), to sleep struggles, what and how much they eat, and so much more.

I shared all the ones that got easier for me personally, as well as a lot of submissions I got from fellow moms on Instagram.

Whether you are pregnant with your first baby, a brand new mama, or even a seasoned mama, I hope this episode will help you remember that you are not alone,  the hard phases don’t last forever, and it WILL be okay.

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