Episode #9: Everything You Need To Know About Spray Tans and Being A Female Entrepreneur with Shonna Dexter

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Today I have Shonna Dexter, Owner of Recreating Rays Spray Tan Studios in Kansas City! This episode includes some great tips regarding spray tans, but we also dive into life as a female business owner. 

What we cover in today’s episode: 

  • Spray tan do’s and don’ts: how to prep for a spray tan & care for your skin in between
  • How to make your spray tan last as long as possible
  • Shonna’s journey of starting her business in her basement as a side gig, to now having her own thriving business 
  • Being boss: how to hire the right people and create the culture you envision
  • The ups and downs of being an entrepreneur
  • Important life lessons for anyone unhappy with where they are now 



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