Episode #45: How to Love Your Body Well, Even When It’s Hard with Amy Reinecke

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I sat down with Amy Reinecke to discuss all things body image and healing your relationship with food and your body, as well as learning to care for your body on a daily basis, even when it doesn’t look or feel exactly how you want it to.

What we covered:

  • Amy shares her story and past struggles with body image, binge eating / disordered eating and starting to diet in 4th grade 
  • How starting to diet at such a young age impacted her
  • Some other factors that impacted her body image 
  • How she felt when she reached her “goal weight”
  • How and why she decided to walk away from diet culture
  • How we can improve our health + habits without dieting
  • Why comparison is the thief of joy, especially regarding our bodies
  • How to get back in tune with hunger and fullness signals after dieting
  • What to do when walking away from dieting 
  • How to push away negative thoughts about your body
  • How does Amy cope with bad body image days after leaving dieting
  • Honest thoughts on emotional eating or other coping strategies Amy has worked through
  • How to set our kids up for success and break the dieting cycle
  • How to navigate food allergies/intolerances without a restriction mindset
  • And more! 



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