Episode 50: Chatting with my BFFs: On Friendship, Hall Passes, Life Advice and More

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Warning: don’t listen to this one around your kids, haha!

I sat down with my BFFs of 15+ years for this one and we had lots of good laughs, but also got a little bit deep, too. I hope you find this one as entertaining as we did!

What we covered: 

  • How we all know each other
  • How we continue to prioritize our friendship 15 years later 
  • How have our friendships changed throughout marriage, having kids, etc. 
  • Hillary’s journey in the NICU with her son
  • Enneagram numbers? 
  • Funny questions
    • Who would play each of us in a movie about our lives
    • Who pees in the shower 
    • How often do you wash your bras
  • Everyone’s hall pass
  • Favorite shows in the 2000s
  • Would you rathers 
  • Bachelorette party mems 
  • Best piece of advice we’ve ever received 
  • And more! 

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