Episode #12: A Personal Note About Our Breastfeeding and Weaning Journey

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This is just a little quickie episode that I wanted to share along with this week’s episode on postpartum mental health. We touched on weaning in that interview, and I recorded this a few weeks after I weaned Rhett from breastfeeding, and I was feeling emotional.

I wrote this for my friend @ciarracriddlephoto and the @bloom.series she created to highlight women’s stories and personal experiences with life + motherhood. 

What you can hear in this episode: 

  • A little bit about my why behind breastfeeding 
  • Ups and downs of our journey 
  • All of the emotions I experienced during weaning and what the process looked like for us 
baby resting on mama's chest; our breastfeeding and weaning journey

I hope this resonates with some other mamas out there! 

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