Episode #11: Postpartum Mental Health with Licensed Therapists from The Counseling Co.

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Today we are talking about ALL things postpartum mental health with licensed therapists Kelsey and Tara from The Counseling Collaborative, women’s mental health practice located in Kansas City. This episode will be extremely helpful for anyone who is currently pregnant or postpartum, or anyone looking to support someone who is struggling with their mental health after baby.

managing postpartum mental health; photo of mom and toddler on a white background

Topics we cover: 

  • Signs and symptoms of postpartum mental health/mood disorders such as postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression 
  • Coping strategies for moms, including stay-at-home-moms 
  • How to deal with postpartum rage 
  • Intrusive thoughts – what is “normal” vs. when to seek help 
  • Medications such as anti-depressants & other treatment options for mental health/mood disorders
  • What is catastrophic thinking? How to work through it 
  • The effects of weaning on mental health 
  • How to deal with the change in identity once you become “mom” and how to feel more like yourself
managing postpartum mental health; photo of two women side by side on a chair; licensed therapists from The Counseling Collaborative in Kansas City


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