Episode #49: Supporting People Who Are Differently Abled with Meg Johnson

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Meg Johnson is a 26-year-old with hearing loss, and in this episode, she talks about her experience growing up as someone who is differently abled, language we can use around those who have different abilities than us and how to support these individuals better, and more.

What we covered: 

  • Hearing loss spectrum
  • What Meg’s diagnosis looked like and what led to it
  • Being a military kid and how that impacted her diagnosis and treatment
  • Life as a person with hearing loss in a “hearing world” 
  • How hearing aids work 
  • How does someone with a disability want to be “labeled” – what language to use or avoid
  • What she wishes people knew about how to treat those with hearing loss or other disabilities
  • How to talk to our kids about people who are differently abled
  • Do people with hearing loss need to work with an SLP?
  • How she has worked on self confidence throughout her journey
  • The importance of finding a supportive partner
  • Her favorite resources for people with hearing loss or what she hopes to create someday 
  • And more!

Connect with Megan: 

  • If you’d like to reach out to Megan, you can contact her via email at: [email protected]

Resources she mentioned: 

  • Spencer West – IG: @spencer2thewest
  • Paul Castle – IG: @paulcastlestudio 
  • ASL couple/family – IG: @oursignedworld 

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