Episode #42: How to Read Nutrition Labels with a Registered Dietitian

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Today we are breaking down nutrition labels line by line to hopefully make it easier to understand what you’re getting and which foods to opt for more often when you’re at the store.

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Reminder: you do NOT have to be perfect with every food choice you make. This information is meant to empower and educate you to fuel your body in a way that feels good + realistic to you *most* of the time. Awareness, not obsession!!! 

What we cover in this episode:

  • I break down the nutrition label line by line to explain what each one means and how it applies to you (serving size, calories, % daily value, etc.) 
  • Allllll things sugar – added sugars, artificial sweeteners, etc. 
  • What we want more of on the nutrition labels 
  • What to limit/avoid on nutrition labels 
  • Sodium, cholesterol and trans fats – recommendations 
  • Labels like “sugar free”, “low fat” or “fat free” 
  • How much protein we need 
  • How to identify whole grain foods 
  • Considerations for people with food allergies 
  • Beware of tricky marketing / labeling 
  • And more!

Interested in my upcoming nutrition course? Get on the waitlist HERE!

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