Episode #41: How to Start a Business That Aligns with Your Life with Pursuing Her Purpose

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Feeling unsatisfied with your current job or career path? Is there something you’re passionate about or really good at that you could be sharing with the world? Are you ready to pursue a purpose outside of motherhood?

If there is even a TEENY TINY part of you that is *curious* about starting (or growing) your own business, this episode is for you. I got to sit down with Kat and Abby of Pursuing Her Purpose to dive into so many helpful topics regarding entrepreneurship, especially for those just getting started.

What we covered: 

  • Juggling a full-time job and side hustle
  • How to get started with a business
  • Why entrepreneurship is great for moms
  • The many benefits of being a female entrepreneur 
  • The most difficult parts of entrepreneurship 
  • Imposter syndrome – how to combat this & mindset shifts
  • What to do if you haven’t even thought about starting a business… until now
  • Organic (free) growth strategies to spread the word about your new business 
  • How to balance being a business owner and being a mom (wife, friend, employee, etc.)
  • The importance of being on the same page as your partner when you have a business and/or how to get your partner on board 
  • Programs or systems they use as a team to stay organized 
  • How to get started with hiring / delegating tasks so you can stay in your “zone of genius” 
  • Tips on how (and why) to create and sell an online course 
  • And more tips + encouragement for starting and growing a business that feels in line with your values and goals 



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