Episode #3: Overcoming Food Anxiety, Trusting Your Body and Navigating Motherhood with Lisa Hayim

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Today’s guest is Lisa Hayim of @lisahayim, mind body dietitian and new mama to Soleia Rei. This episode is FULL of goodness. Whether you’re a mom or not, you will want to listen to this one. We talk about everything including: 

  • Overcoming food anxiety and disordered eating behaviors 
  • How she learned to listen to, honor and trust her body (and how you can, too)
  • How pregnancy & postpartum impacted her relationship with food and her body 
  • Accepting body changes during different seasons of life 
  • How to improve self-worth and self-confidence 
  • Blocking out external noise & understanding the role of nutrition to reconnect with and have a fun relationship with food 
  • Navigating motherhood and postpartum mental health 

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Quote to remember: “be your own best friend” 

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