Episode #4: How To Improve Gut Health With Registered Dietitian Bethany Frazier

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Today’s podcast guest is fellow Kansas City-based Registered Dietitian, Bethany Frazier @kansascitydietitian, who specializes in gut health. This conversation covers allllll of your biggest questions on gut health & busts some myths. 

What we discuss: 

  • Should you try an elimination diet? 
  • ALL about poop – what’s considered “normal”?
  • The best FREE ways to support gut health 
  • Thoughts on artificial sweeteners & food sensitivity tests
  • Lifestyle factors that impact gut health besides food
  • The down low on prebiotic and probiotic supplements 
  • And MORE! 

Follow along with Bethany or work with her team for individual support: 

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Disclaimer: this episode is not intended to replace medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your digestive health, please be sure to consult with your physician and/or work with a Registered Dietitian. 

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