Episode 52: Tips for Preparing for a New Baby with Pediatrician Dr. Kate Hartman

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For today’s episode we have Dr. Kate Hartman of Shawnee Mission Pediatrics on to talk about allll kinds of things for mamas expecting their first, second or even third child. This is PACKED with amazing information! 

What we covered: 

  • When to establish a pediatrician during pregnancy and what to look for
  • How to help our toddlers with the transition to new baby at home
  • Should toddler stay home from daycare for any period of time after baby is born?
  • Handling germs from your toddler (or anyone in the family) around new baby
  • Common challenges that second time parents face
  • Newborns: When you can start letting your baby sleep without waking to feed
  • Weight gain goals for newborns – should we worry about growth charts?
  • When to introduce a bottle for breastfed babies
  • What ALL new mamas need to know before having a baby
  • What to know about newborn safety
  • When to transition baby out of swaddle
  • Baby sleep, contact naps, “routines”, sleep training and more
  • Pacifiers – okay to use early on? When and how to wean
  • Any specific supplements we should be giving our babies or toddlers?
  • And so much more! 



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Thank you so much for listening!  


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