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Welcome to the Wellness For The Win Podcast! I’m your host, Shanna Hutcheson, Registered Dietitian and boy mama from Kansas City. I’m passionate about helping other women achieve true wellness, which I believe has nothing to do with the size of our bodies, and everything to do with how we feel and how we show up for ourselves each and every day. 

This podcast will be a place where you can come to get inspired to improve your health in a way that feels realistic, enjoyable and doesn’t require you to give up everything you love. We will touch on balanced nutrition, intuitive eating, finding joy in exercise, how to support our physical and mental health through big life transitions, such as pregnancy and postpartum, and all things motherhood. We’ll also cover relationships, financial wellness, self-care, personal development, female entrepreneurship and more. If it impacts your well-being in some way, you can bet we’ll be talking about it! 

I hope you will find that this is a safe space where you can come to learn, grow & get motivated to live a life that feels purposeful and that helps you feel your absolute best. Most of all, I hope you will remember that you’re never alone in anything that you’re going through, and that you’ll find comfort and connection in this online community I’ve created. 

I can’t wait to be in your ears every Wednesday! Be sure to hit *subscribe* so you don’t miss a thing. Talk to you soon!

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