Episode #39: Embracing Intuitive Eating and Body Kindness in a Plus Size Body with Dani Reilley

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#39: Embracing Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness in a Plus Size Body with Dani Reilley

If you are struggling with going on and off of countless diets, have poor body image, or simply want to understand someone else’s perspective on this complex topic, you have to listen to this episode.

Dani Reilley shares her story of yo-yo dieting, overcoming binge eating disorder, and how she is currently working toward healing her relationship with food and her body, while still living in a larger body size today.

What we covered:

  • How she resists the temptation to try dieting again
  • How diets ultimately led to more weight gain 
  • Her experience with dating while living in a larger body 
  • Why commenting on weight loss can be harmful and not helpful
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people + resources on your journey to healing your relationship with food and your body 
  • What it actually felt like to reach her “goal weight” 
  • What positive body image really means 
  • How to move past feelings of guilt with food / mindset shifts to help 
  • Her experience with transitioning to an intuitive eating approach 
  • Tips to cope and move through bad body image days 
  • The power of buying clothes for her current body that help her feel confident 
  • Dani’s favorite brands that are size-inclusive 
  • Things to AVOID saying regarding bodies / your body size 
  • Thoughts on the use of the word “fat” 



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