Episode #15: How I Stopped Counting Calories and Why I Never Looked Back

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Today is a solo episode sharing a little bit about my past struggles with food, exercise and body image. I dive into my 7-year history with calorie counting, what sparked me to try to stop, and why I never looked back.

Trigger warning: eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors

What else I touch on in this episode: 

  • Some of the disordered behaviors I struggled with in my past 
  • What changed most about my life once I stopped counting calories 
  • How YOU can find a more peaceful relationship with food
  • The ONE question you should ask yourself every day
  • Goals to focus on instead of weight loss  
  • Spoiler alert: an announcement about fun things coming in the future!

READ THIS BLOG POST where I expand on this topic & the concept of intuitive eating + provide additional resources.

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