Episode #16: Missy Franklin on Winning 5 Olympic Gold Medals to Becoming a Mom

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Meet Missy Franklin: she swam in the Olympics TWICE and brought home FIVE gold medals throughout her career. Not only is Missy incredibly talented in a swimming pool, she is an incredibly genuine human with a huge heart. She has such a refreshing perspective on life, motherhood and partnership and is a breath of fresh air. I’m so inspired by her story and all that she continues to do to serve and inspire others. 

What we cover in this episode: 

  • How Missy initially got into swimming & her journey to the Olympics
  • Balancing the Olympics with life as a teenage girl 
  • Body image and mental health struggles as an Olympic swimmer 
  • The injury that made her retire from the sport 
  • Navigating the identify shift from Olympic swimmer, to retired swimmer, to mom 
  • How she met her husband & becoming parents 
  • Her struggles with postpartum anxiety and how they prioritize marriage post-baby
  • What Missy is most proud of – which might surprise you 


  • Follow Missy on IG: @missyfranklin88
  • Organizations she is involved in: 
    • @swimswag.store
    • @yuwaindia
    • @laureussport
    • Learn To Swim – USA Swimming Foundation 

Affiliate Links & Other Resources Mentioned: 

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Check out my blog post on balancing life as a working mom & how to find a therapist if you need additional support and resources. 



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