Episode 55: Second Pregnancy Recap, Recommendations & Random Thoughts

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This is a random second pregnancy brain dump — recapping third trimester, symptoms, random thoughts, recommendations and more!

What I covered: 

  • Symptoms throughout pregnancy & third trimester 
  • How I’m feeling emotionally with baby 2 on the way 
  • Products I’m loving during pregnancy – skincare, hair care, supplements, etc. 
  • Pregnancy and postpartum workouts 
  • Baby prep – pump I’m planning to use, nursery, hospital bag, labor & delivery wishes 
  • Spray tans, deodorant, manis and more 
  • Lots of random thoughts 

Blog Posts, Products & Resources mentioned:

related blog posts & podcasts:

  • Ordered my new breast pump from aeroflowbreastpumps.com — you can plug in your insurance info and see how much of it is covered!

clothing links:

  • Underwear that I’ve liked during pregnancy (had it before pregnancy but it has stretched well with me):

affiliate codes for products & supplements:

  • Needed code – WELLNESSFORTHEWIN to save on their website (taking their probiotics and love their unflavored collagen)
  • Clean Simple Eats protein powder and OffBeat Butters nut butters – affiliate code WELLNESSFORTHEWIN (favorite protein: Simply Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter; favorite nut butters: salted caramel, cinnamon bun, Aloha, sweet classic PB)
  • Expecting and Empowered — pregnancy & postpartum workout guides and labor & delivery course – affiliate code WELLNESSFORTHEWIN – shop here
  • Primally Pure – using their blonde dry shampoo powder and body butter on my belly – code WELLNESSFORTHEWIN
  • Liquid IV – affiliate code WELLNESSFORTHEWIN

Thank you for listening, sharing, rating & reviewing!!! XO 

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