Episode #56: All About Dairy, Nutrition, Farming & More with Lauren Twigge, RD

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This episode with Registered Dietitian Lauren Twigge is PACKED with all of your burning questions about dairy nutrition, the farming industry, the safety & nutritional value of our foods and so much more. Lauren grew up on a dairy farm, has family that is still very involved in farming today, and she has a background studying Animal Science, so she is sharing tons of evidence-based information from both her personal and professional experiences.

What we covered in part 1: 

  • Organic vs. conventional dairy and meat products – which is better for us?
  • The truth about antibiotic usage in animals 
  • Pesticides in organic vs. conventional – does organic mean “free of pesticides”?
  • Allllll about The Dirty Dozen list; is it legit or not?
  • Learn more about the environmental impact of farming
  • What are farmers doing to be more environmentally friendly and how do we know when we’re choosing products at the store?
  • What % of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture / farming vs. other sources 
  • What do cows eat? Learn about what makes up the bulk of their diets
  • The benefits of supporting and eating local foods
  • Grass-fed vs. grain-fed – different labels you might see on foods and what they really mean 
  • Should we be buying & eating grass-fed or grain-fed dairy products?

Stay tuned for part 2 next week!



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