Episode 54: Exercising During and After Pregnancy and Having an Empowered Birth with Expecting and Empowered

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In today’s episode, Amy Kiefer of Expecting and Empowered comes on to discuss tips for exercising safely during pregnancy and how to get back into it postpartum. We also dive into tips on labor and delivery and how to have an empowered birth.

What we covered:

  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy 
  • Risks that are reduced by staying active during pregnancy 
  • Specific exercises to focus on and avoid during pregnancy 
  • Considerations for runners during pregnancy 
  • The type of exercise they wish EVERY pregnant woman would do
  • Is it okay to start exercising during pregnancy if you’ve never done it before (or haven’t in a long time)? 
  • Coping with weight gain and body changes during pregnancy 
  • How to physically prepare our bodies for labor and delivery 
  • Going into your birth experience empowered with knowledge of your options 
  • Some options to consider during labor for pain relief other than meds 
  • Tools and positions to help during labor 
  • Different resources to utilize to help mentally prepare for labor 
  • Tips for mamas planning on an unmedicated birth 
  • How to advocate for yourself before and during birth 
  • Beginning to exercise again postpartum – how to start / what to avoid 
  • How to feel more like yourself again post-baby / body image postpartum
  • Postpartum sex 
  • And so much more


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Other Resources Mentioned: 

  • Book Amy recommended: The Birth Partner 

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