Episode #21: 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Q&A with My Husband, Ethan

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We’ve learned a thing or two after five whole years of marriage, one child, two dogs, several moves and all the other curveballs that life has thrown our way. So today, we are sharing some of that with you!

We are doing some fun Q&A on this episode and we both even cry at one point, so… you will leave feeling like you know us both a little better, I think. ; ) Please forgive the somewhat poor audio due to the one mic situation.

What we cover: 

  • Our favorite things about each other 
  • Our pet peeves about each other
  • Our biggest marriage advice
  • Tips for juggling all the things while being two, full-time working parents 
  • How to stay connected and prioritize marriage after having a baby
  • How we knew we were ready to grow our family 
  • How many kids we want to have
  • Our goals for the future
  • And more!

 I hope you enjoy this lighter and fun episode! If you’re loving the podcast, please take a moment to subscribe, and leave a rating and review! I appreciate your support!!



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