Episode #6: Kellie Bullard On Becoming A Widow At Age 26 and Life After Loss

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Today we have Kellie Bullard sharing her story of becoming a widow at 26 years old with a 2 year old and 7 week old, after losing her husband in a fatal car accident. This episode is emotional, but also extremely helpful and eye-opening. 

I am so grateful that Kellie has been so open about her story to help us all remember to appreciate the little things, the people in our lives, and she teaches us how to best support people who are navigating grief. 

What you can expect in this episode: 

  • Learning more about Kellie & Alex’s relationship
  • What helped her most in the early days of grieving 
  • What to say & what not to say to someone grieving a massive loss
  • Getting comfortable with grief & supporting others through it 
  • How Kellie has leaned on God throughout the hardest 10 months of her life 
  • What Kellie is looking forward to in the future 
  • More about Kellie’s children & the hardest part of being a single parent 
  • Ways to connect with other widows (Never Alone Widows Ministry) https://www.neveralonewidows.com/ 
  • And more! 

If you want to connect with Kellie, you can find her on Instagram at @kelliebullard

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