Episode #40: Pelvic Floor Health Before, During & After Pregnancy with Dr. Lizzie Kieffer, PT, DPT

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If you are pregnant or postpartum, or even TTC, you will find this episode so helpful! Today we have Dr. Lizzie Kieffer, pelvic floor physical therapist, on the pod to talk alllll things pelvic health and even fertility!

What we covered: 

  • Pelvic floor considerations for non-pregnant women 
  • Weak vs. tight pelvic floor – what’s the difference and what are the symptoms 
  • How to improve symphysis pubis dysfunction and round ligament pain in pregnancy 
  • Lizzie’s thoughts on belly bands during pregnancy 
  • How to prepare yourself for labor and delivery – different positions, how to breathe properly, etc. 
  • When to start pelvic floor work postpartum & how to progress with exercise 
  • What you can do at home for pelvic floor vs. when it’s necessary to see a PT 
  • Allllll about postpartum sex – best positions, how to reduce pain, tools you can use and more 
  • What does an internal exam with a pelvic floor PT look/feel like 
  • Diastasis recti – what it is, how to fix it, and is it ever too late to fix it? 
  • Special considerations for C-section mamas 
  • Other issues: bladder control, hemorrhoids, pelvic heaviness and prolapse 
  • Surgeries like hysterectomies and recovery after 
  • How Lizzie sees patients to help support fertility 



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