Episode #27: Navigating Infertility and Intuitive Eating Through IVF with Susan Portz, MS, RDN

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I sat down with Susan Portz, who is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and IVF sister. Susan is passionate about helping women navigate their fertility journey with compassion & without guilt or unnecessary diet restrictions. Susan is incredibly open and vulnerable about her journey with infertility and I think this will be so helpful for other women going through it, or for those looking to support loved ones on a fertility journey.

What we cover: 

  • Susan’s personal fertility journey and what she has learned along the way 
  • A look into the process of IVF as well as the cost
  • Things to consider throughout your fertility journey – things to check for, specialists to see, etc.
  • How and why to advocate for yourself 
  • The mental & emotional toll of a fertility journey 
  • How to navigate the IVF process with your partner
  • How she and her husband have coped differently & together 
  • How to support loved ones going through IVF/fertility treatments 
  • How to stay positive while going through a fertility journey 
  • And more! 

Connect with Susan: 

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Other Resources Mentioned: 

  • Podcast Susan loves – Fertile Ground 
  • Spencer Brissard (host of Fertile Ground) IG – @spenserbrassard
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association – @rplassociation



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