Healthy Freezer Meals You’ll Love

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This post is long overdue, because I get questions about it all the time, especially from expecting mamas! Whether you are preparing for maternity leave or another busy season of life where you know you’ll need some backup options on hand, I am sharing a variety of healthy freezer meals you’ll love in this post! I hope this is helpful!

healthy freezer meals: soup & chili recipes

Did you know that soup and chili freeze super well!? Well, now you do!

Freezing tips: I recommend cooking them first, then freezing leftovers in smaller portions, approximately 2 cups or so in a freezer Ziploc bag. You can freeze larger portions if you’d like, but the smaller amounts will thaw much quicker. These can be a great option to have on hand for quick and easy work lunches.

Alternatively, for the Crockpot White Chicken Chili, if you wanted to throw all of the ingredients (besides the broth) into a freezer gallon Ziploc bag without cooking, and then freeze it you could do that. Then when you’re ready to make it, you could thaw the bag in the fridge overnight, throw into the crockpot the next day and add the liquid at that time also.

Serving tips: Thaw frozen portions in the fridge overnight or for 24 hours or so, then reheat individual servings in the microwave. Serve with desired toppings.

should i thaw a frozen casserole before baking?

According to this article, you should, and I agree. So try to plan ahead and pull some of the following dishes out of the freezer at least the night before to thaw, and then reheat as you see fit.

What is the best way to reheat a casserole?

If you are wanting to heat up individual servings, scoop it on to a microwave-safe dish and pop it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds and add more time as needed.

If you have a large dish to reheat, such as a pan of enchiladas or other casserole-type dish, the oven is going to be your best bet. Baking it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes, or until heated through, should do the trick.

This article has a great tip — while you’re waiting for the oven to preheat, remove your casserole dish to sit out at room temperature for a bit. Certain dishes may crack if going directly from the cold fridge to the super hot oven, so try not to skip that step!

healthy freezer meals: casseroles and meats

Here are some casserole-type dishes and various meats that freeze well!

healthy freezer meals: breakfast recipes

Sharing a variety of breakfast recipes below, both sweet & savory, that are freezer-friendly!

Healthy Breakfast Burritos

These Healthy Breakfast Burritos are delicious! Packed with protein from eggs + black beans, and lots of nutrition from a variety of veggies. Serve with avocado for a boost of healthy fats + salsa for even more flavor!

You can find freezing and reheating tips in the recipe post linked here.

healthy freezer meals; breakfast burrito recipe

Oatmeal Bake Recipes

All of my oatmeal bake recipes are super freezer-friendly!

Freezing Tips: cut oatmeal bake into squares and wait for it to cool. Once it has fully cooled, transfer individual pieces to a gallon freezer bag or other freezer-safe container, and freeze.

Serving Tips: once you’re ready to eat it, pull out individual pieces straight from the freezer and pop in the microwave on a microwave-safe dish for 1-1.5 minutes. Serve with almond butter on top alongside scrambled eggs, or however you wish!

Breads & Muffins

These healthy breads & muffins freeze great, too!

Freezing Tips: slice bread and wait for it to cool. Once it has fully cooled, transfer individual pieces to a gallon freezer bag or other freezer-safe container, and freeze. Let muffins cool before freezing as well.

Serving Tips: once you’re ready to eat, pull out individual slices or muffins and pop in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes. Serve with nut butter on top alongside scrambled eggs, or however you wish!

healthy carrot pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting
healthy freezer meals; cheddar jalapeno cornbread muffins

other healthy items to keep stocked in your freezer for quick, easy meals and snacks

Some things I always keep stocked in my freezer are:

  • Whole grain bread — it’s hard to go through bread before it goes bad. Did you know you can just pop it in the freezer? I just toast individual slices when I’m ready to eat it and it works perfectly! (Or use for grilled cheese with my easy creamy tomato soup.) No more food waste here! I do the same with whole wheat buns, flatbreads, etc.
  • Variety of fruit — I keep all kinds of fruit on hand for smoothies, baked oatmeal and overnight oats recipes. I usually have frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries and a tropical fruit blend!
  • Frozen spinach — I love keeping fresh spinach on hand 24/7, but if for some reason I’m out, it’s great to have this as a backup! Either for green smoothies, or sauteing into eggs or other recipes, like my Baked Spinach Dip.
  • Turkey burgers — ALDI has some great turkey burgers I love with minimal ingredients. These make a super quick & easy weeknight dinner, because you cook from frozen! (Check out my ALDI Kitchen Restock post here!)
  • Wild caught salmon fillets — the great thing about salmon is that it thaws quickly, too. Super nutritious option to incorporate into your diet!
  • Chopped bell peppers and onions — I will chop these up fresh and freeze to use at a later date for things like Mexican quinoa, veggie flatbreads, sweet potato nachos, etc.!
  • Variety of Daily Harvest options — these can be super clutch to have on hand as backup on busy weeks or months when you don’t have time (or energy) to prep! Looking at you, new mamas. ; ) Check out my Daily Harvest favorites in this post. Affiliate code is wellnessforthewin to save!
  • Other random frozen veggies — again, I tend to prefer fresh veggies, but frozen veggies can be super convenient to have on hand when you need something quick. Especially certain options that steam in the bag. ALDI has some great steamable frozen veggies that are really nice to have for Rhett, like French cut green beans!

Check out my ALDI Kitchen Restock post here for some of my other freezer staples from ALDI specifically!

other great posts to check out for healthy freezer meals

I wanted to link to a few other options you can look into if you are in major planning, nesting and/or cooking mode! You might find the extra info helpful!

There you have it, friends! Tons of healthy freezer meals you’ll love allllll in one place! I hope this helps make your life easier and more delicious! : ) Be sure to share & tag me if you try any of my recipes! And share the love by pinning this on Pinterest for others to find.

Appreciate you!


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