My Spring to Summer Hair Refresh with Beauty Brands

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Happy Tuesday everyone! It totally feels like a Monday since we are coming off of the holiday weekend, but it’s always nice going into a short work week. I hope you all had a great, long weekend spent with family and friends. Since we went to Chicago last weekend for my birthday, we did a whole lot of nothing this weekend and it was amazing. I’m all for being social and eating and drinking and all that jazz, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill! We have a couple super busy weekends coming up, so we soaked up our weekend with no plans and no agenda.

I mentioned in my Instagram stories recently that I’d be sharing this post to talk about my experience with Beauty Brands hair services over the past few months! So here we go!

There are very few things in life that make me happier than a fresh haircut and highlight. I hope that doesn’t make me sound superficial, but it’s just so much fun getting pampered, and feeling confident and beautiful after you get out of that chair! I know you ladies feel me on this. Some of you men might be with me too, but don’t want to admit it. That’s okay; I won’t tell anyone. 😉

A few months ago I was due for a haircut and I was contemplating switching things up and getting something new. Just to give you a little bit of my hair history, Ethan proposed to me in March of 2016, and we got married in September of 2017. I pretty much grew my hair out for that whole year and a half that we were engaged. Then for about six months post-wedding I didn’t do much with my hair style, and I suddenly got an urge this spring to CHOP. IT. OFF.

Just a few fun photos since my first cut!

However, my longer hair was perfect for the updo I wanted for our wedding. Of course I’m going to toss some wedding photos in here because it’s a great time to do so. If you want to see more of them, head here. ; )



Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary services and compensated monetarily in exchange for social promotion by Beauty Brands. However, all opinions expressed are my own and this post includes my honest opinion on my overall experience and services. I would never promote something that I did not truly love or believe in!

I had short hair throughout most of my college days (like, really short at one point) so this wouldn’t be a totally new thing for me, but definitely something I hadn’t done in several years! I had gotten pretty content with my long(er) hair, and I finally learned how to curl it — which only took me 25 years — so I was just going with it. The last time I had short hair I did not know how to curl it, so I was excited about the possibility of going back to a shorter cut and having the option to style it differently and curl it some days.

Throwback to my hair in college:

I was super excited when Beauty Brands reached out about helping me achieve the perfect look for spring, as they noticed I had mentioned wanting a change in my hair style on Instagram. It was the perfect opportunity to finally take the leap and do the damn thing!

My whole Beauty Brands experience has been amazing from start to finish.

The Process

First, they scheduled a consultation for me to meet my master stylist, Ame, so we could discuss what I had in mind for my new cut, and she could also see what she’d be working with. I thought this was such a nice touch, because it allowed me to get to know the stylist (it’s always a little scary going to someone new, especially as a blonde!) and it gave her time to figure out how to best go about doing my hair at my real appointment. I showed Ame a photo that I found on Pinterest (naturally) and she had one almost identical to it on her phone that she found after looking through my Instagram! We had the exact the same thing in mind for my new hair, which made me feel so much better!

I was also very comforted after meeting Ame because she is clearly very passionate about what she does, and she has a ton of experience styling blondes! I totally trusted her expert opinion on what we should do with my color, and the consultation definitely put my mind at ease.

Just a few days later I had my actual appointment with Ame, and since we had previously met to talk about what I wanted, she could get right down to business. She was extremely kind and nice to talk to throughout the appointment, and she did a great job of asking me questions throughout the service to make sure I was comfortable with what she was doing (what type of treatments she used on my hair; the length, etc.).

Ame also made my hair look so cute after she was done cutting it, which is always a bonus! I was extremely happy with the way it turned out, and I couldn’t believe it when I compared the before and after photos. It’s easy to just get used to what your hair looks like, then once you get it revamped, you realize that it was long overdue! My color had gotten dull and there was really no body to the style I had previously.

Whenever I cut my hair short, Ethan describes it as cute and “spunky”, which I like to think fits my personality well. ; ) I’m absolutely loving having my short hair back, and I think it is here to stay!

Here are a few before and after photos from my first appointment in March!

As you can see, Ame gave me more of a white/”icy” blonde, vs. the yellow/gold blonde that I had before. I love it so much!

The photo on the right (below) is the “inspiration” photo I found on Pinterest to show Ame what I wanted my hair to look like. I think it’s safe to say she nailed it!

My First Blowout

Not long after I had my first hair cut and color at Beauty Brands, I went back for my very first blowout! They were having a great deal on blowouts during the month of March, and I had a photo shoot coming up, which seemed like a great time to take advantage of it. My stylist for my blowout was Alan, and he did an amazing job!

If you are like me and have never had a blowout before, or don’t really know what it entails, then I will explain. Essentially, it is just getting your hair shampooed, conditioned, blow dried and styled. Again, it’s all about feeling pampered! Most importantly, it lasts several days thanks to some of the amazing products they use, and who doesn’t love going several days without washing their hair? I’ve finally hopped on the dry shampoo train in the last year, and it has saved me SO much time, energy, and real shampoo. ; ) Keep an eye out for a few dry shampoo recommendations in the next section on products!

Here are some photos from the shoot that I had right after getting my blowout. I think Alan did an awesome job and my hair looks so great! Not to mention, my handsome husband… but he styled his own hair. ; )

Photos taken by @ruthiestarkphotography! Go follow her on IG!

All photos were taken at Health House KC, where Ethan and I love to workout together every morning! (Click here to read more about our workouts at Health House.)

Must-Have Hair Products

I’m going to list a few of my must-have or totally need hair products below, all of which you can find in Beauty Brands stores or on! All of these products would be great options to stock up on now to maintain the health of your hair throughout the summer!

I have provided direct links to all of the products below in their description. If you have additional questions about any of them, please feel free to message me on Instagram!

This MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream is one of the products Alan used on me for my blowout (among several other Moroccan Oil products) and I fell in love. This cream specifically creates definition and prevents flyaways, which I seem to always have, and all of their stuff just smells amazing.


Alan also introduced me to this MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo that is formulated specifically for blondes and I absolutely loved it. The Moroccan Oil version is $26, so if you’re looking for a little bit of a cheaper option, BB also recommends this Bed Head Dry Shampoo, which is $19.99.

This Pureology spray below is one of my absolute FAVORITE products that I’ve probably been using for about a year. I spray it all over my hair right after I get out of the shower and before I blow dry and style it. It has so many benefits; it protects my color, protects my hair from heat damage, makes it so soft and shiny, plus about 15 other things! You definitely need this stuff.


I have been using this Redken Color Extend shampoo & conditioner for color-treated hair for years and I love it. It smells great, makes my hair super soft, and most importantly, helps preserve my highlights. I always make sure to stock up on this stuff when Beauty Brands is having their liter sale!

Lastly, this Kenra Hot Spray is a product that Ame used on my during my most recent hair cut/color and it is amazing! I immediately grabbed the bottle from her to find out what it was because it smelled so freaking good, and it also protects your hair from heat damage! It’s something that you can apply when it’s dry while you’re styling. It even provides a firm hold just like normal hairspray. Definitely a product that I need to add to my collection.


My Second Hair Cut at Beauty Brands

I was so pleased with my experience and the way my hair turned out after my first appointment that I just had to go back to Ame for a touch up before summer and my birthday trip to Chicago with Ethan! Of course, she did an amazing job once again, and I couldn’t be happier with my second haircut and color from Beauty Brands.

Here are some photos from right after my haircut!

The photos below are from two days later, so my hair was still going strong after two days of dry shampoo (even after working out!!) That is another thing I’m loving about this style. It is super quick and easy to do in the mornings, and I actually curl it/leave it wavy more often than not because it’s so easy to do when it’s dirty.


  • I have had such a positive experience with the services and everyone I have encountered who works at Beauty Brands.
  • They have stylists of all different levels and you can find the perfect one for you based on the services you are looking for, and your budget. Check out their website to see all of the services they offer and pricing.
  • Beauty Brands not only has a full-service salon and spa (for both men & women), but they also have all the hair products you could ever want and need, as well as prestige cosmetic and skincare brands, like bareMinerals, Tarte, Smashbox and many more.
  • Beauty Brands is nationally known and they have 58 locations located throughout the country, BUT did you know it was born in Kansas City!? If you’re local, I know you can appreciate that fact too. 🙂

Needless to say, if you are in need of a new hair cut and/or color, I would highly recommend checking out your local Beauty Brands! If you are a blonde and live near the Olathe, KS area, I would specifically recommend Ame. As I mentioned, she has a ton of experience and loves styling blondes! If you’re hesitant about going to someone new, you can also set up a consultation in advance to make sure you feel comfortable with the stylist beforehand.

It’s time to treat yourself to a fresh ‘do for the summer! If you do go to Beauty Brands for your hair services, be sure to tell them I sent you. 🙂 And to reward you for following me and reading this post, Beauty Brands and I want to offer you 20% off of a service! Click here to snag your coupon!

Thank you so much for reading! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all!

Have a great, short week!


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  1. Thanks for sharing al these great products! I’m always looking for products to try and hopefully, fall in love with! How do you curl your hair? My hair is almost your length and I have a hard time curling it to look like this which is always my goal. I’m wondering if my wand is possibly too big.

    1. You’re so welcome! I’m glad it was helpful!! I actually curl it with a straightener more often than not, but when they have styled it for me at BB I think they have used a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron!! I just need to get one for myself because I love the way the curls look when they do it.

      1. Soooo now I have to request a tutorial video in your IG highlights!! Mine looks like an 80’s crimped mess when I try that.

        1. Hahaha it definitely takes practice! Like I said in my post, it only took me 25 years to figure it out. ??

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately I’m not sure of the exact color she uses on me. She just knows the color I want to achieve (kind of a white/icy blonde) and uses what she thinks is appropriate for me! I believe it’s just a full highlight, and she only applies to my roots. She is now located at another salon and you can find her at @ameleatherburyhair on IG if you are interested!

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