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Hello friends!

I don’t know about you guys, but now that it’s December, I am 100% in the holiday spirit! Even though my tree and decorations have been up since the week before Thanksgiving and I also started listening to Christmas music around that time. LOL, it’s never too early, right? But now that the whole neighborhood – and the whole city – has lights up, it’s really beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas in Kansas City!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I hate the cold. I’m just really not a fan of not being able to feel my fingers and toes — is that such a crime? But I do love sitting by a warm fire, hot chocolate, a good flannel shirt and fuzzy Christmas socks. So I guess it’s not ALL bad.

I absolutely love Christmas and everything that comes with it, so I am actually super thankful that it takes place in the winter when it starts to get cold AF and dark at 5 pm. This is definitely a time when I need some extra cheer in my life. The first few days of December were still in the 50s and 60s, but it’s slowly starting to drop to the 30s and 40s this week, and I’m attempting to mentally prepare myself for the bitter cold now.

Anyway, speaking of Christmas — has anyone been working on their Christmas list since Halloween? Yep, guilty. I have been “jotting things down” the past couple of months that I thought might bring me some extra joy this holiday season. However, as much as I love receiving gifts at Christmastime, I truly do love giving gifts even more. There’s nothing more fulfilling than getting someone a gift you know they are going to absolutely love, and then seeing the expression on their face when they open it. Does anyone else just get all the feels from that? SAME.

I am really excited to share my Christmas list with you guys, and I hope it helps you when you are working on your own list, or purchasing gifts for your friends, family or significant other that also happens to love all things health-related. And some things that women in general would probably just really enjoy. This list includes everything from activewear, fitness gear, kitchen supplies & gadgets, beauty-related gifts, everyday clothing and more!

FYI: Wherever the name of an item is listed and the text looks bolded, that is a link directly to the site!

Let’s get started!

Gifts for the Fitness Lover

Photo by: Morgan Barrett Photography


I already have the Apple Watch Series 1, but I wanted to share it again here since a lot of you have expressed interest in it. I recently shared some information about the watch on an IG post and in my stories, but in case you missed it, click the link above to read up on the capabilities of this watch.

What’s the difference between the Series 1 and Series 2/3?

Series 1 is considered “water resistant”, not “waterproof”, but I don’t swim for my workouts, and I just take it off when I shower, so this hasn’t been an issue for me. If you do swim, however, I would recommend the 2 or 3. Overall, I’m super happy with the Series 1 and it is a lot less expensive than the newer versions. It has everything I need, so I would definitely recommend!

  • Nike Sports Bras

I don’t know about you guys, but I actually need good support when I workout, so I’m always looking for sports bras that can do that for me, such as these Nike sports bras I have linked below. Thick straps are the way to go if you are looking for support as well. I’m showing them in black because that’s what I’m wanting right now, but they both come in multiple colors.

Nike Sports Bra — $29.99 (available in 4 colors)

nike black bra

Nike Sports Bra #2 — $35.00 (comes in black and gray)

nike bra 2

  • Workout Socks

Does anyone else ask for socks literally every year for Christmas, or is that just me? I mean, socks go missing every other day, and half of mine have holes in them, so it’s definitely time to restock. I like no-show socks to wear with my workout shoes; here are a few of the pairs I liked!

White Nike 3-Pack No-Show Socks  or Nike Colorful No-Show Socks 

adidas socks
  •  Workout Water Bottle

I know a lot of people are super into the Swell bottles and cute stuff like that right now, but those require twisting off a lid. Who has time for that when you’re dying mid-workout and need a quick swig of H2O? Not this girl. I prefer water bottles that you can squeeze right into your mouth, like the one I’ve linked below. I’ve had a Camelbak for several years that has served me well, but I’m loving the look of this simple Nike water bottle too! (Can you tell I like Nike??)

Nike 24 oz. Water Bottle

nike 24 oz water bottle blue

I think this color is kinda fun, but it comes in 3 different colors if you’re not feeling the blue.
  • Workout Leggings

My mom thinks I’m crazy for wanting more leggings, but when you wear them every single day, you can never have too many pairs. I know a lot of you girls out there get me. These are all under $100 and ALL high-waisted because I am all about that life. It’s so much more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about pulling your pants up while you’re working out!

Lululemon High Rise Crop Leggings

lulu crop.jpeg

Athleta Camo Legging – $89


Athleta Striped Contender Tight

striped legging

  • Sweats

We all need cozy clothes in our life. A few weeks ago, Ethan said to me, “The older I get, the more I just want to be cozy all the time.” I lol’d when he said this, but it’s SO TRUE. After you have a long, hard day at work, what’s the first thing you do? Tear off your clothes and change into some sweatpants and slippers. If this isn’t you, you need to reevaluate your post-work routine. Check out some of these cozy items that I definitely NEED in my wardrobe.

Nike Women’s Joggers — $60

black joggers
These come in black, gray and navy.

Patagonia Women’s Quarter-Zip Fleece Jacket

I typically prefer jackets that zip all the way down so I can avoid the hair-static mess situation that occurs when you pull things over your head in the winter, but I really love the look of this one, especially in this color!

patagonia quarter zip
FYI: comes in 11 different colors!

This is a little on the higher end at $99, but have you ever felt a Patagonia? It’s like you’re wearing a fleece blanket. #worthit ; ) Also, Dick’s is offering $10 off if you spend $50 online and pick-up in store. Pair this with the socks I linked above and you could reach $100 and get $20 off! You’re welcome.

  • Casual Clothing

I am no fashionista by any means, but I do love to wear cute clothes, and I rarely buy them for myself. I’m super cheap and I have to be in a special type of mood to actually go shopping and get motivated to step in a dressing room. With that being said, Christmas is a perfect opportunity to ask for some new outfits.

Old Navy Sweater

American Eagle Stitchmix Sweater — only $20 right now!!!

I really love this in both colors, but I feel like I should get the pink just to get some color in my life! It’s hard for me to stray from the neutrals sometimes. Is there such a thing as too much black in your wardrobe? Asking for a friend.

H&M Color Block Sweater for $20 – so cute!

Express Sweater – on sale for $36

express gray sewater.jpeg

Old Navy Olive Distressed Jeans – $39.99 (but they always have deals online)

I just bought these on Black Friday and love them! They are really comfy and you can wear them with so many different things!

American Eagle Distressed Jeggings 

Updated from 2018 — have these jeans and love them!!

I saw my sister-in-law wearing these on Thanksgiving and decided I had to have them too. They are so cute and I loveeeee jeggings. Super stretchy and comfy.

American Eagle Dark Hi-Rise Jegging 

I figure I should probably have at least one pair of jeans that isn’t distressed since I’m supposed to be an adult and stuff… but I don’t like them near as much. These ones are super cute though, and again, high-waisted. I just can’t stay away.

ae dark jeans.jpeg

Gifts for Beauty

  • Makeup Bags

I’m pretty sure I have literally had the same Vera Bradley makeup bag since HIGH SCHOOL. I’m 25, you guys. That thing is a damn disaster. It’s one of those things I just didn’t notice for a long time, then all of a sudden I looked at it and thought OMG. It’s time to move on. I really do love some of the Vera Bradley prints though, and my old makeup bag served me well all these years, so I’m just asking for a new model! I have linked both the medium and large size. I’m thinking I’ll go with large just so I have extra room, and there’s only a $4 price difference. I am loving this Lilac Medallion pattern, but again, there are multiple options.

  • Facial Treatments & Cosmetics


Rachel Naster is an incredible aesthetician and makeup artist. She did airbrush makeup for myself and my bridesmaids on my wedding day, but more importantly, she has been giving me facial treatments for the past year or so. She is the reason I had such clear and beautiful skin on our big day — and it hasn’t always been that way! Check out this article if you’re curious about that process. 


  • Rachel Naster facial treatments and/or products — pricing listed on her site
    • This would be the perfect gift to treat yourself with, or to buy for your mom or bestie! Whoever deserves a little pampering NEEDS this in her life! Head to this article to read more about my favorite treatments and why I love them. PS: Rachel is in KC, so if you live far away, you should probably make a trip for this. 😉
    • I also love some of Rachel’s products, including her Antioxidant Hydrating Cleansing Mousse, lip gloss, and the Image Intense Lightening Serum
    • Rachel has an open house coming up next week where she will be offering 20-25% off of some of her products!!! Follow her on Instagram @rachelnaster so you can get all the details!

I have been looking for a new heat protectant to put on my hair before I blowdry and straighten it, and I’ve heard great things about this product. It also has a ton of other benefits, including detangling and adding shine to your hair.

pureology spray

I usually get these at Ulta for like $4 each, so I’m a little in shock that I just found this 5-pack for $12.99. Of course, from AMAZON. The best. If you’ve never used a beauty blender before, you need to! It’s a great way to apply foundation evenly to your face, and they are great for sensitive skin. I love these little guys.

beauty blenders

Gifts for the Amateur Chef

I use this thing all the time! It’s non-aerosol, you can refill it over and over with your favorite olive oil and spray it on veggies for grilling, roasting, and more! I spray it on my flatbread pizzas before I top them to make them crispy! Super versatile and affordable.

mister misto

As much as I love ice cream, I’m actually asking for this to make no-bake energy bites way easier and less messy to make! Got the tip to use this tool from my girl Kale Kouture! Follow her on Instagram if you don’t already!

ice cream scoop

This thing is appropriately named, because it literally is a wizard. If you have a bunch of onions (or vegetables in general) to chop, this thing will be your best friend. Super easy to use and makes the process go very quickly. Also, no crying while you chop onions! YAY.

vidalia chop wizard

This is for roasting ALL the veggies. Obviously.

As most of you already know, I mostly just roast all of my vegetables, but it’s nice to have a steamer around for certain occasions when you need to steam some veggies! This one is nice because it folds up, making it easy to store. We are low on storage space in our little kitchen, so this is perfect! I want a steamer specifically for steaming cauliflower florets so I can turn it into this delicious mashed cauliflower.

veg steamer

Gifts for the Home

I didn’t move in with Ethan until we got married, so I’ve just been here for about 3 months now. We have a third bedroom that is “mine” to do what I please with, and I have yet to furnish it, so I’ve been doing some research online for items I might want to fill the space. This room is going to be my “office” slash place to blog, do some food photography, read, stretch/workout, etc., so I want it to be cozy and cute. Here are some of the items I have found so far and love! As well as a few others that we already have in our home that I had to share! : )

  • Jackson Wingback Chair from Target — $279.00 (price varies depending on color; I really love the beige color, but with our dog, I’m afraid it would get dirty too quickly!)

target chair

  • Bar Cart from Target — currently on sale for $239.99!! I realize this is a bit of an investment, BUT we absolutely love this bar cart that we got as a wedding gift. It totally completes our kitchen, AND serves as an amazing storage space! We don’t have a ton of cabinet space in our kitchen, so it’s nice to have this to put all of our glasses on! It’s also a good place to store bottles of alcohol for special occasions. ; ) It’s sitting right below a beautiful wine rack that we also received for our wedding. They make the perfect pair!

bar cart

We still haven’t found a great home for this because our loft area and my “office” are still unfinished, but it will look great in one of the two spots! I just love the look of them. We obviously like pretty wooden decor. : )

wood panels

I love the vibe that plants add to a room, but I am not a green thumb whatsoever, so artificial is the way to go for me. I think this would be a really cute addition to my little home office!

Since I’m a foodie and dietitian, I just think these pineapple bookends would be appropriate for my little office. Especially since it would probably be holding up nothing but cookbooks and nutrition-related books. : )

pineapple bookends

I recently got this jewelry organizer off of Etsy and I love it. My jewelry situation was pretty much a disaster until I got this thing. It’s the perfect size for all of my accessories and looks super cute on the wall. I got it with the gray background to match our bedroom.

jewelry organizer

That’s all folks!

I hope this guide helps give you all some great ideas for your Christmas shopping this year! Only 22 days until Christmas!!! : )

Have a wonderful week peeps — if you need a little pick-me-up today, check out my post from last week on How To Avoid The Sunday Scaries! 



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  1. Thank you so much for providing all of these gift options and for such an amazing layout of all the possible gifts in your blog post!
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    Thank you, and I can’t wait to read more blog posts from you!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I am not a big runner, but I truly love both types of leggings and do a lot of cross training and rowing in both. You really can’t go wrong! Nike is definitely more affordable, but lululemon leggings last a long time and feel amazing! I hope that helps! 🙂

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