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Hey friends!

I know we’ve all been hearing about the Nordstrom Sale nonstop for the past week or so, so I’m excited to break up the monotony with a different sale — Amazon Prime Day!

I know there are a lot of Amazon Prime members out there, but I’m not sure if anyone in the world takes advantage of their membership more than my household. Okay, just my husband. Ethan is obsessed. In case you’re not a member and not super familiar, Amazon Prime is legit. You can get free two-day shipping on millions of items, unlimited streaming of thousands of shows and movies, and ad-free music. (Basically Pandora, without the annoying commercials.) It’s only $12.99 a month and it pays for itself quickly if you buy even a couple items each month since you’re saving on shipping.

CLICK HERE to register for a Free Trial of Amazon Prime (if you’re not already a member) and take advantage of all the awesome deals happening during this sale!

You can access my Amazon page at any time by visiting this link. It consists of lots of things that I already have and love, or items on my wish list. I am always trying to add to it and update it as I come across new items I love or things that I want.

For each item, I have provided a brief description, and below you will find a picture and direct link to the item. It also lists the price on it for you. Some of the prices might not reflect the sale price for Prime Day, so if you’re interested in something, click to open it up and verify that the price listed is correct.

Disclosure: I am part of the Amazon Influencer Program and I earn a commission when you purchase an item using my links. Thank you for supporting Wellness For The Win and helping me continue doing what I love! 

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff.

Kitchen Gadgets

Here’s an item that I rave about all the time — my Vidalia Chop Wizard. I find a way to sneak onions into just about every recipe, so I use this thing at least twice a week. It saves me so much time AND so many tears from chopping onions! All the pieces are dishwasher safe.

I have these in my pantry and I love how organized they make it look! They also help keep your food nice and fresh.

I have been contemplating getting an air fryer for a while, because I have heard amazing things about them, and it would halfway fulfill Ethan’s desire for me to make fried chicken at home. This one appears to have awesome reviews! There are different size options too.

I have kinda been kicking myself for not asking for an instant pot for our wedding instead of a boring old crockpot, because it can do so many different things! And you can have a “crockpot” type meal in like 30 minutes instead of 4-8 hours. I know my mom loves hers and I’ve heard many others rave about them too. Should I give in and get an instant pot!? If only I had more storage space…

I feel like a bad food blogger because I don’t have a cast-iron skillet. I have been wanting one forever, and I think I need to just do it. The main reason I want one is to make Rachael’s Good Eats chocolate chip cookie skillet… no shame.

This is a super affordable veggie spiralizer and it works like a charm! I’ve had mine for several years and use it all the time to make zoodles. Way cheaper than the Kitchenaid version!

We got this NutriBullet blender set for our wedding and I have been so impressed with it, especially considering the low price. It is perfect for smoothies and I love how easy it is to clean and store. You can whip up your smoothie and take it to go, and all pieces are dishwasher safe. It blends up frozen fruit like a champ!!

I also have a big Ninja that I use for things like muffins, black bean brownies, salsa, etc. I use the small “food processor” attachment for things like cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower as well, which is a nice option if you don’t have a food processor. This guy is a little harder to store because it’s pretty bulky, but I still love having one when I need it.


Amazon Dot
Ethan and I have a pretty small home, and we have three of these things! You just can’t have too many Alexa’s laying around. But seriously, it’s really nice because we love to listen to music and each device has it’s own speaker, giving you that “surround sound” effect. As a Prime member, you get unlimited, ad-free music, so you can request any song you want at any time! You can also ask her all kinds of things — it’s basically like having Siri all over your house, waiting to answer all of your burning questions.

This plug-in is just a nice way to get the Amazon Dot out of the way. We have one of these in the kitchen and I always use it to listen to music while I’m cooking or meal prepping!

Amazon Echo – only $69.99 during this sale! 
This is a larger version of the Dot and it’s an awesome speaker. It’s also portable so you can bring it out on the patio or wherever you want to listen to some tunes.

We have these special Alexa-enabled outlets all over the house, which allows us to say “Alexa, turn on my lamp” and she does it! It’s awesome. Of course you have to program them to do so, but I let Ethan handle that part. It comes with instructions and is pretty straightforward.

This is our newest gadget in the house; a robot-like vacuum cleaner! This brand is much cheaper than an actual Rumba. It definitely gets the job done, and you can program it to run at a certain time each day, so it always runs while we are at work and it has really helped with the dog hair situation in our downstairs area!


This is one of my favorite cooking oils. Great for high heat cooking and a good source of heart-healthy fats. Unfortunately it’s a little pricy, but usually lasts a while!

This is a great price for a 3-pack of avocado oil spray!

I love having Further Food collagen around in my pantry to add to a variety of things that wouldn’t have much protein otherwise, such as smoothies, oats, baked goods and more! They are odorless and tasteless so you can add them to anything. You can use my code “wellnessforthewin” to save a little money too!

I have been wanting to try this flavor forever. I love Wild Friends other nut butters! They have great ingredients and are super delicious.

Nutritional yeast is delicious on top of eggs or roasted veggies and it’s an easy way to add a little boost of nutrition!


I have had my Apple Watch for a little over a year now and I love it so much! It’s the first series but it does everything that I want and need it to do. I use it for my workouts and just everyday. It tells me the time, the weather, I can check texts and emails with it, look at my calendar, and even answer the phone using my watch. Also has a HR monitor for workouts, tracks steps, etc. This is much more affordable than the newer options.

I have been eyeing these shoes for a long time… OBSESSED. And now they are on sale!!! Sorry Ethan. It’s happening.

When I did a survey on Instagram, I got a request for nice water bottles. I am actually in the market for a new water bottle too. I’ve had a Camelbak squeeze bottle for a few years, but it has seen better days and I’m looking to replace it. I love using a squeeze bottle for workouts because I don’t want to take the time to unscrew a lid and spill all over myself while I’m trying to row / lift, etc., so I definitely recommend this kind. Also the insulation is clutch for keeping your ice water cold. This one has several color options and is very affordable.

Someone also requested Bluetooth headphones. The ones linked below have great reviews and are only $29.99. I actually use Sudio Bluetooth headphones and have been very happy with those. If you’re interested in looking into them, you can use my code FORTHEWIN for 15% off.


This is my favorite cookbook ever! We have made a ton of recipes out of it and have not been disappointed yet.

Beauty (Hair/Makeup)

I rave about this stuff on my Instagram stories all the time, but it’s honestly my absolute favorite hair product ever. I’ve used it for years. It smells amazing, makes your hair so soft, protects it from heat, and so much more. This bottle also lasts several months!

This is the BEST facial moisturizer ever and it has SPF 32 to help protect your skin, which is so important! I’ve never found a lotion with sunscreen in it that felt as good as this does on my skin, and didn’t cause me to break out.

I have been using beauty blenders to apply my foundation for the past couple years and I love them so much. They are great for sensitive skin, and they are WAY cheaper on Amazon than in stores. I think they are $4.99 each at Ulta. This is a 5-pack for $10.


These are on sale too and they have awesome reviews! You gotta love those cups that keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end. What did we do before them!?

This is an AMAZING price for Ray Ban sunglasses. I have had this pair for a few years now and I love them so much!

Harley needs some new food bowls BADLY. I thought these were nice looking, and don’t break the bank!

Head to my Amazon page to see some of my clothing & accessory picks, more products in each of the categories listed above, along with other miscellaneous items! I wanted to highlight the important ones here, but like I mentioned, you can visit anytime to see the items I’m loving, and I will work hard to keep it updated as I come across new products in the future!

I hope this was helpful! I will also be providing swipe up links on my Instagram stories, so keep an eye out there!

Happy shopping! 🙂


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