Bachelorette Party in Austin, Texas

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As many of you probably know, I recently went to Austin, Texas for my best friend’s Bachelorette Party and we had an absolute BLAST. I already had several requests for a blog post with a recap of everything we did, plus some Austin recommendations. Ask you and shall receive! I hope this post is helpful!

bachelorette party in austin texas


We had 21 girls on this Bachelorette Party, so it was a huge group. With that many girls, it’s ideal to have a house so you can all stay in the same place and not have to split up. Plus, it’s usually cheaper this way!

We rented a huge air bnb house/mansion that had its own pool, was only four miles from downtown and big enough to sleep 16+ people. It was also right next to Lake Austin which was so pretty! (Wish we would’ve had a chance to go on the water!)


Several of the beds were air mattresses but they were surprisingly comfortable! There were plenty of bathrooms and lots of space for everyone to get ready. We didn’t feel crammed at all. The kitchen was huge and spacious, and there was a nice dining room table where we could eat and gather around, too.

bachelorette party in austin texas

Overall, we loved this house! Really the only downside was that the freezer wasn’t working when we were there, but I’m sure that is something that will be fixed for the next party. Also, all of the tap water was warm, which was a little strange. But ice fixed that problem. ; ) The ice machine downstairs worked!

We also had a gym and sauna on the bottom floor, but they never got used. ๐Ÿ™‚

Places We Went And Loved in austin, texas

First I’m going to share some of the places that we actually visited on our trip and loved. Next I’ll share some of the recommendations I collected from all of you on Instagram.

  • St. Elmo Brewery, pictured below. Also had an outdoor area with lots of picnic tables.
bachelorette party in austin texas brewery

Rainey Street:

  • Container Bar
  • Unbarlievable – has a slide and fun outdoor area
  • Bungalow – outdoor games, bags, Jenga, etc.
austin texas container bar
Container Bar
Unbarlievable on Rainey St.
Bungalow in Austin Texas

6th Street:

  • Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar – so much fun, they brought the bride and our whole group on stage!
  • The Ranch – fun outdoor deck upstairs, music/dancing
  • Buford’s
Can’t remember the name of this bar! It was right by the Dueling Piano bar.
Dancing the night away at The Ranch… I think!

Places We Ate:

Since we had such a massive group, we really didn’t want to take time to eat out for every meal. We knew it would take hours each time, plus we had alcohol back at our house that we could drink for much cheaper before going out. SO, the bride’s sisters / Maids of Honor had the genius idea of getting our dinners catered. Below are the places we got our food from.

  • El Frederico – taco stand we got for lunch on the day we had a party bus
  • Zuzu’s Mexican – we wanted Torchy’s Tacos because it came so highly recommended, but sadly they didn’t cater or deliver, but Zuzu’s food was INCREDIBLE. Definitely would recommend it!
  • Craig O’s Italian – super delicious too! We got a few different pastas and breadsticks, but would also recommend getting extra protein, like chicken breasts, etc. so everyone stays full longer! : )
  • We also got pizza delivered for dinner the first night we got there. Never disappoints.

I recently did a guide on Bachelorette Parties at the Lake of the Ozarks and included some food/snack recommendations that could also apply here!

Austin, Texas Recommendations From My Followers

I got literally a million recommendations from you all on Instagram when I asked which was SO AMAZING. Thank you! Although we didn’t have time to try a lot of them, I know this will be helpful for others who need recommendations!

bach party in austin texas

Head to this post to see allll of the different recs I got on things to do/see, places to eat, and more! INSTAGRAM POST WITH RECS IN COMMENTS

Bachelorette Party in austin, texas: Things To Do + Tips

I wanted to share some of the things that we did on this trip, plus some tips of things that were helpful to have!

Pool Day

As I mentioned, we had a pool at our air bnb and this was SO much fun. If you’re going to a warm place, this is a must! It was nice to have our own private pool so we could just hang with our group. Public party pools can be fun sometimes, but they can also be dirty… and the drink prices are usually through the roof.

All of the girls wore black swimsuits & the bride wore white!

If you do have a pool, be sure to grab some fun and cute pool floaties! We also had some water games like floating beer pong, balls to throw, etc. ALSO, bring a Yeti/tumbler or insulated koozie for your drinks by the pool.

I just got this BruMate Insulated Can Cooler for my next trip & it’s perfect for Truly, White Claw or Michelob Ultra cans. Keeps them cold FOREVER! Click here to check them out – only $19.99.

brumate insulated koozie bach party
Available in tons of colors!

Party Bus

One day we got a party bus from 11 am to 5 pm so we could day drink and bar hop and not have to get a billion Ubers between all of us. This was SO CLUTCH and if you have a big group, I would highly recommend it! Again, that way we could drink a lot of our own alcohol on the bus and all hang together, listen to music and have fun on the bus while we went from one destination to the next.

We went to St. Elmo Brewing Co., to the El Frederico taco stand, to Rainey St. and just drove around a bit! We had a great experience with the bus and our driver.

We used Limos of Austin for the party bus.


I got some questions about the tanks we wore, so wanted to share details on those with you!

The bride’s tank said “Wife of the Party” and was white, and everyone else’s just said “The Party” and they were black. So cute! The bride’s sister is very artsy, so she actually designed them, and had a friend print the tanks. Their company is called Kansas Tees for any local peeps.

The brand was Bella Canvas and they were super comfy. I normally wear a small in tops, and got a small in this tank. It was still really long on me, so I tied it up!


The bride got everyone a cute colorful sarong as our gift for coming, and they were so cute! We all loved them! We had too much fun on our pool day that we forgot to get a big group picture in them, but here are some pics of a few of us!

The MOHs gave everyone their own big, colorful, plastic cup with their name written on it in Sharpie which was SO nice throughout the trip! That way we didn’t all forget which cup we were using and dirty a bunch of unnecessary dishes.

One night we also spent time opening gifts for the bride — we got her a variety of things including pajama sets, robes, lingerie, etc.!


We just played one game that was actually super fun. The MOHs asked the groom a bunch of questions, and then the bride had to guess them. We all had our own sheet of paper where we answered the questions based on what we thought the groom said.


  • What is your favorite thing about (bride)?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • What is bride’s favorite movie?
  • Who is more patient?
  • What is bride’s favorite thing about your personality / body?
  • Who hogs the bed?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • What is her biggest pet peeve?

The second column was “How well do you know the bride & groom?”


  • What is bride’s middle name?
  • Where did they first meet?
  • What is groom’s middle name?
  • What date did they get engaged?
  • How many siblings does groom have?
  • Etc.!

We all added up the number we got right and for each column there was a winner that got a little makeup bag of miscellaneous beauty products. : )


Black romper — I wear this thing ALL the time and it’s awesome for travel. Super comfy and affordable. True to size.

Black high-waisted swimsuit — I sized up to a medium. Keep in mind that top & bottoms are same size. This is also available in lots of other colors and patterns.

Black dress — true to size. Recommend wearing a strapless bra or sticky boobs (link to popular sticky boobs!). Wedges linked here — actually really comfortable!

High-waisted jean shorts — I sized down. Currently on sale for $35.

Espadrille platform shoes — these are super comfy. The straps of mine have gotten a little scuffed because they obviously aren’t as good of quality as Steven Madden ones, but way cheaper and look very similar! Here are a lot more colors/styles.

bach party in austin texas

Travel Tips & things to bring

Chester Carry-On Suitcase:

This was my first time using my new Chester carry-on and it worked so great! It is on the smaller side for a carry-on bag, but I am a CRAZY overpacker and was able to fit everything for a long weekend in it! (As well as my weekender carry-on bag.) Here is a link for Chester luggage.

bachelorette party in austin tx travel things

You can use my discount code WELLNESS10 for 10% off Chester products! Available on Amazon and They also come in multiple colors. Disclosure: I earn a small commission if you use my code.

Packing Squares:

I’ve heard people rave about packing cubes/squares for a long time, so I decided to finally test them out for myself. I personally didn’t feel that they saved me a ton of space; however, I did like that they helped me categorize some of the things I packed and stay better organized on my trip.

bachelorette party travel items packing cubes

My favorite part was the small and large clear plastic zipper bags that came with them. These were PERFECT for toiletries – I loved them. So overall, yes, I would recommend them and I will continue to use them. Here is the link for the ones I got.

Weekender Bag:

I have needed a good carry-on bag (to store under the airplane seat) for a long time. I’ve used backpacks and large purses, but I wanted something that was both cute and functional. Enter: this fun weekender bag.

I got this floral pattern to match my pink Chester carry-on, but it comes in tons of colors, including solids/neutrals. It was the perfect size to fit lots of my things, had several zipper pockets and also has a sleeve that goes over the suitcase handle to make it easy when you’re walking (or running) through the airport. Highly recommend this!!! Linked here.

bachelorette party travel items

If anyone is going to Austin in the near future either for a Bachelorette party or just vacation, I hope this guide is helpful for you! Please let me know if I left out anything super important — especially those of you who live there and know the city much better than me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Next stop: Scottsdale, Arizona for another one of my bestie’s Bachelorette parties! I am planning to do a recap post after that trip too! Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!


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