Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020

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I have gathered all of the Amazon Prime Day Deals that you all were interested in within this blog post, plus a few extras for good measure! Please keep me posted if you see other deals pop up that I should add!

Disclosure: I do receive a small commission if you purchase anything through my links. Thank you for supporting me and my small business this way!

ALSO, you can head to my Amazon page HERE and head to my Prime Day 2020 List for more items that are linked, or surf through my other lists if you’re interested! I have everything from clothes, to kitchen items, baby registry items, and more.

*PLEASE NOTE that the price you will see on the little graphic below does not reflect the current sale price. Click the link to open the product & see what the deal is.


We have the Echo Show 8 in our kitchen and love it. Our whole house is basically connected to Alexa lol so we can ask her to play music, show us the weather forecast for the week, answer random questions, and it’s also connected to our Ring doorbell, so we can see the view from our Ring on the Echo as well. There are also some deals going on where you can get an Echo + Ring doorbell. The Echo 5 would probably be sufficient, too — it just has a little bit of a smaller screen than the 8!

We have had Fire Sticks for all of our TVs for several years and love them. You can connect YouTube, HBO, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+ and more.

This is the area rug we have in our living room and love it so much! We have an 8×10. As you may know, we have two shedding dogs and it has stayed totally clean and is easy to vacuum. It’s an ivory color so I think dirt blends in + the pattern helps. : ) Highly recommend!

There is a down comforter on Prime Day sale but the one we have is cheaper and we really like it!

Our duvet is also on sale! Only $40.

I got this coat last year and absolutely love it. The price is amazing, the quality is great and it’s super comfy! I sized up to a medium.

This is an amazing deal on the Ninja Foodi — we have this and love it. It’s like an air fryer, instant pot, slow cooker and more all in one device!

Absolutely LOVE Stasher bags — I have multiple sizes and they are the best!

Really love these leggings too!

The Garmin Watch I have and love is on sale! Still pricy, but much less than usual!

I’m sorry, but you just can’t beat AirPods when it comes to wireless headphones. They are truly the best, and worth the money if you use headphones often. Couple different options are on sale!

Having a Furbo is super fun, too! We love checking in on our pups and throwing them treats when we are away for a while!

We have several of these light bulbs around the house and we can ask Alexa to turn specific lamps on and off — Ethan has wired all of these with an app!


Both of these robot vacuums are way on sale and have great reviews!





Again, you can find a lot more items linked on my Amazon page here, but these are the highlights! Hope this helps!

I hope you enjoy these Amazon Prime Day Deals — happy shopping! Let me know if I missed any great deals that should be included here! : )


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