Gift Guide for Toddlers

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If you are looking for gift ideas for your 1 to 2 year old kiddos, here is a long list of ideas I gathered from lots of fellow mamas, as well as some things that we have loved for Rhett over the past year or so. I hope it will help you find some affordable items your kids will love!

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You can also check out my baby gift guide from last year here.

(Disclosure: all links are commissionable – thanks for using my links this holiday season!)

Gift Guide for Toddlers: Things That Go

This can be a great age to start giving them things like cars that they can ride in and be pushed or push themselves, scooters, strider bikes, etc.! Linking several options and ideas below!

We are planning to get Rhett this little strider bike! Linked here.

We are also getting him this helmet when he rides his scooter and strider bike. Linked here!

Gift Guide For Toddlers: Clothing

Let’s face it – clothes are always needed, and some clothes they might get excited about! Now that Rhett is getting closer to 2, I have found that he is much more opinionated about what he wears these days! If it has dinos or tractors on it, I can usually bank on him wanting to put it on, haha.

Charlie Hustle Clothing for Kids

If you are local to KC, you are probably familiar with Charlie Hustle. If not, they have tons of clothing for all ages so you can rep your favorite sports teams (mostly Midwest teams) and their clothes are THE BEST. Not kidding- I basically live in CH gear. The quality is amazing and they are just so incredibly comfortable, not to mention, super cute!

We have tons of K-State & Chiefs gear from Charlie Hustle, and they always have fun, special items for holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, etc.

If you have a little one and you’re a big fan of a sports team, highly recommend checking out some of their stuff! You can always use my code WELLNESSFORTHEWIN to save 20% on regularly priced items and they have special deals going on for Black Friday as well!


gift guide for toddlers - clothing ideas, family wearing Charlie Hustle clothes
gift guide for toddlers - clothing ideas, family wearing Charlie Hustle clothes

cat & jack / kid’s clothing

I recently learned that Target has an insane return policy for their kid’s clothing line: Cat & Jack. It is my understanding that you can return items from this brand within a year of purchase (even without a receipt) regardless of the condition, because they want to prove that their clothing is good quality and made to last. I’ve been told that this even applies if your kid grows out of the clothes, which is just crazy and amazing!

But the clothes from this line are super affordable AND cute, so it’s just a no-brainer to start buying more Cat & Jack items. That’s how they get ya. ; )

Linking just a few items below that we have recently bought or that are on my list!

toddler shoes

We love these fleece-lined crocs! The easiest toddler shoe ever. Linked here!

Gift Guide for Toddlers: Experiences > Things

Lots of people highly recommended gifting your toddler some fun experiences instead of giving them more “stuff”, which I am always on board with. I want him to have some fun things to open that he will love to play with, but I know that experiences can also be an incredible option! Especially things like memberships to places you can continue to visit over and over, etc.

Here are some non-toy ideas I got from you all! Of course some of these options may differ if you live in a different area, but you get the idea!

  • Membership to Deanna Rose Farmstead
  • Membership to Union Station / Science Center
  • Build-A-Bear Gift Card
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Library card
  • Zoo membership
  • Discovery center membership
  • Aquarium passes
  • Wonderscope passes
  • Other memberships / swim lessons / learning subscriptions, etc.
  • Ask family members to donate to an “adventure fund”
  • Asking family members to contribute to 529 account
  • Having family members sign up for a day to take your child for a day to do a fun activity! Outing with the grandparents, etc.
  • Highlights kids subscription 
  • Overland Park botanical garden 
  • Disney live shows

stocking stuffers

other miscellaneous toys

Below I’m linking a bunch of items that we have and love, plus a few that are on my list!

Bath toys — click here to see my bath post with lots of items linked

Personalized camo suitcase: linked here

gift guide for toddlers - toddler with a personalized camo suitcase

Tonies box:

You can use my discount code 15SHANNA to get 15% off your entire order with the purchase of a toniebox Starter Set – this is stackable with the brand’s “bundle”, It takes $56 off when ordering the (most popular) 5 tonie bundle, which includes: a Toniebox, Playtime Puppy Tonie, and up to 5 additional Tonies of your choice!

SHOP TONIES HERE — Rhett has especially loved Woody and the Paw Patrol character, but also the Christmas one! But he is changing them out often and I am planning to snag a few new characters for stocking stuffers! A gift that keeps on giving and such a great screen-free toy.

gift guide for toddlers - toddler playing with tonies box toy

Play vacuum:

Play cleaning set:

Picasso Tiles Magnet Tiles:

Bounce House:

Toddler Table & Chairs Set:

T-Ball Set:


Basketball Goal:


other ideas that were submitted:

  • Tot tube 
  • Trains / train table 
  • Pickler triangle 
  • Trampoline – mini
  • Camping cooking set 
  • Bath toys / bath books 
  • Melissa and Doug Foldable barn set 
  • Easy playhouse coloring house 
  • Crafts 
  • V tech jiggle and giggle fishing set
  • Tool set/ drill 
  • Plasma car 
  • Pickler climber
  • Nugget couch 
  • Teepee tent 
  • Play kitchen + food / plates / cups, etc. 
  • Radio flyer tricycle 
  • Step 2 rollercoaster 
  • Potty seat attachment 
  • Bob books 
  • Dress up clothes 
  • Books and puzzles 
  • The books where you can include pics of your family members with name 
  • Bathtub crayons, bath robe, books, mermaid toys 
  • Thomas the train toys and books 
  • Fat brain toys ice cream truck 
  • Doctor kit 
  • Busy board
  • A large semi / tractor toys 
  • Play doh and tools for it 
  • Bath toys, bubbles, wiki sticks, dot markers, flash cards 
  • Hape kitchen and fridge 
  • Busy toddler gift guides 
  • Little outdoor play house
  • Art easel 
  • Big sibling books, step stools, winter gear 
  • Dinosaurs – link dino book
  • Melissa and doug coloring book 
  • Little sleepies PJs 
  • Jurassic live tickets, monster jam tickets 
  • Large soft plastic dinos on amazon 
  • Little tykes trampoline 
  • Outdoors toys 
  • All things farm related
  • Kid ipad for upcoming flight 
  • Piggy bank 
  • Jammies 
  • Sneakers 
  • Jelly cat 
  • Toilet attachment/ potty training books 
  • Melissa and doug easel 
  • shoes/ snow boots / new fun cups, etc. 
  • Green toy cupcakes for play kitchen 
  • Pogo pass? 
  • Play grill set, toddler pillow, blanket or stuffed animals 
  • Melissa and doug wooden train set 
  • Animal figurines – link set Becky got us 
  • Lincoln logs 
  • Wobble board 
  • Train set around the tree 
  • Activity art table that makes him want to eat dinner at it 
  • LCD writing tablet 
  • Farm toys 
  • Coloring books 

I hope this is helpful!

I know Christmas gifts can feel overwhelming and they all add up, so don’t feel pressured to buy ALL the things and remember that your kiddo doesn’t need all the fanciest, most expensive gifts to have a good holiday. All they need is your love and presence, some yummy food, and honestly, the boxes that things come in are always the biggest hit LOL.

Happy holidays to all of you!



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