Holiday Gift Guide For Baby

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Kicking things off with a Holiday Gift Guide For Baby! This is something I actually get questions about year round, so hopefully it will be helpful for people to continue to reference in the future as well.

I also want to preface by saying that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on baby toys, and please don’t feel like you NEED all of these items. But it can definitely be nice to have some options and variety for your babe to play with, and especially to have items that you can repurpose + that grow with them, like many of the items I’ve included here. I hope this is helpful for you!

ALSO: tons more ideas and options linked on my “baby toys/gift ideas” list on Amazon. I also have created a “men’s gift guide” list, as well as a “new/expecting mama gift guide”.

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holiday gift guide for baby

Disclosure: this post includes affiliate links and I earn a small commission when you purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting my small business in this way!

lovevery development-based play things

I am a Lovevery affiliate, so they have sent me a variety of products for Rhett throughout his life. I can honestly say that we have genuinely loved everything we’ve gotten from Lovevery! They have lots of different options available, including their subscription-based play kits — designed by experts for stage-based play, AKA the toys are perfect for their stage of development and their current skills and abilities! They are all awesome, and I have found that several of the toys carry over into the next stage and beyond, as well.

Lovevery Play Gym

We used this a ton throughout the first 3 months especially, until maybe 5-6 months or so. Awesome for tummy time, especially with their black & white sensory cards, mirrors, etc.!

Linked here!

holiday gift guide for baby lovevery play gym

Sensory Strands

I cannot recommend the sensory strands enough if you get the play gym!! A MUST HAVE. Rhett used and played with these more than anything else! There are bells, squeaks, lots of crinkle sounds, etc. and he loved to smack them around with both hands! So much fun!

Linked here!

holiday gift guide for baby lovevery products

Lovevery Play Kits

They have play kits for every few months of baby’s life and they come with a variety of toys. These are subscription based. Rhett has loved all of them!

Linked here!


Piano Gym – this thing is the absolute BEST. I think we started using it around 8-10 weeks or so, and he was legitimately obsessed. It was absolutely our most used toy for MONTHS, and now at almost 10 months, he is still able to use it sitting up if you just prop the piano up! You will absolutely get your money’s worth out of this thing, and you will also have the songs in your head 24/7 LOL. Worth it- promise!

Sit-To-Stand Walker – started using around 6 months when he started to sit up, and now at almost 11 months, still uses it all the time and is great for practicing standing and walking behind it! So many fun things to play with on the front, too. Also has songs that will get stuck in your head, haha.

These are great to use on restaurant tables, or stick to your windows/fridge at home!

holiday gift guide for baby: OUR WISH LIST

I’ve heard this busy mat is amazing to have for restaurants, airplanes, grocery carts, etc.!

holiday gift guide for baby: BATHTIME MUST-HAVES

Tubby Todd Products:

We absolutely love all things Tubby Todd! We used the All Over Ointment a ton, especially early on, to help with his cradle cap and other dry patches on his skin, and still do now! We also use their shampoo/soap for his baths and it smells great and is gentle on his skin! Their diaper rash cream is amazing too. Highly recommend all of their products.


holiday gift guide for babies - bath time essentials

Bath toys Rhett loves:

These are on our wish list:

holiday gift guide for baby: FAVORITE BOOKS

Little Blue Truck – ALL Little Blue Truck books are amazing!

Little Blue Truck Christmas!

Little Blue Truck Valentine’s Day is on our list

Dear Zoo – this is a Lift The Flap book and it’s Rhett’s absolute favorite right now (9-10 months). He’s obsessed!

Brown Bear Brown Bear – a classic!

Panda Bear – with the sliding parts, he loves!


Personalized baby armchair – this is on our Christmas list for Rhett! It is has machine washable slipcover and it’s so cute! Also more affordable than other options I’ve seen.

Personalized Name Blanket – this was gifted to us at one of our baby showers and I love it so much! It’s so cute, but also so soft, practical and personal. I’ve used it in most of our monthly photos, too!


Personalized Name Puzzle – gave this to my niece a few years ago and my SIL said it is great quality (better than a different brand of name puzzle they got!)

Personalized Clothing from @basementbags – she makes personalized, embroidered clothing and her daughter happens to have a son named Rhett, too! She sent me a bunch of items he had grown out of which was the absolute sweetest. We love them! Definitely recommend supporting this small family business!

holiday gift guide for babys: gift ideas

Other posts you might find helpful:

Look at these posts for some other ideas of practical things you might want or need for mama and/or baby.

Again, I have a ton of additional items linked on my Amazon page under “baby toys/gift ideas” list, as well as my “baby items” list. Click here to shop.

I hope this Holiday Gift Guide for Baby Toys was helpful for you! Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any toys you feel passionate about me adding to the list, haha! I appreciate you all.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas!


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