Baby Bath Time Essentials

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I thought it might be helpful to round up all of our baby bath time essentials in one place for you to easily refer back to in the future! Babies get a lot of baths, so it’s good to know how we can make the experience as pleasant as possible for them, but also ourselves!! In this post, I am sharing a variety of bath toys we love, bath seats to use at different ages, skincare products and more.

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newborn baby bath seat

We loved this bath seat and used it from the time he was a newborn until around 6-7 months. Once he was sitting up and a lot more wiggly, we had to move up to the next one, but it was definitely a bit of a transition period!

Where did my tiny, chunky baby go!?!


We did not personally get the little bath tub that is shaped like a flower (the blooming bath lotus) that you can put in the sink, but I’ve heard it is NOT worth it and to just get the one linked above instead. We had no issues using it when he was a tiny newborn!

baby sit up bath seat: 6+ months

We started using this bath seat between 6 and 7 months when he started sitting up on his own. It provides some nice support as they are still getting used to sitting, but also does a nice job of keeping them contained while you’re bathing them. He can still lean over and play with his toys and stuff, and we’ve been really happy with this! Like I mentioned above, it was an adjustment period as we transitioned from the previous bath seat. We still use it at 12 months of age, and in the next few months may try moving to just a bath mat instead.


bath mats: 12+ months

Like I said, we have not switched to this yet, but I got some recommendations from other mamas and thought I’d share the main one that people told me they loved! Also, you can definitely switch to this before 12 months if you want. Up to you!

This one has an insane amount of good reviews:


Have a different one you love? Drop it in the comments!

thermometer rubber ducky

Is this 100% necessary? No. Do I like having it as an easy way to make sure the temperature of the water is good before putting him in? Yes. : ) Plus, it doubles as a fun toy!


padding for knees

I really like using this kneeling pad for when I am bathing Rhett! There are lots of different options out there, but this is what we have. It’s fairly compact so I can throw it under the sink in the cabinet when it’s not being used.


padding for faucet

This isn’t something we have yet, but if/when we transition him out of the sit-up bath seat and he is in the bathtub more freely, I think we will want this for him. He’s also starting to mess with the faucet more so either way, probably a good idea!


baby bath towels

Obviously there are tons of options for towels, and you coud technically use whatever regular bath towels you have for your baby, but we do really like the ones that have little hoods on them to dry his hair and keep him warm right after bath time.

baby bath time essentials - towels
baby bath time essentials - towels

Here are a few options:



If your babe is struggling with cradle cap, we found it super helpful to use a soft brush on his head similar to this when he was really little! We just used the one we got from the hospital. Super simple and affordable!


We also used and loved Tubby Todd All Over Ointment to help with cradle cap. I would put it on his forehead area immediately after bath time and it helped a ton! It might look a little greasy at first, but then it dries just fine! Super moisturizing – I’d also put it on random bumps or dry patches on his skin (or my own!) Linked below!

baby bath time essentials - skincare products
The All Over Ointment tub doubles as a fun toy, haha ; )
baby bath time essentials - skincare products
On the left is before applying All Over Ointment, right is after!

Tubby Todd Products:

We absolutely love all things Tubby Todd! We used the All Over Ointment a ton, especially early on, to help with his cradle cap and other dry patches on his skin, and still do now! We also use their shampoo/soap for his baths and it smells great and is gentle on his skin! Their diaper rash cream is amazing too. Highly recommend all of their products.


(The week of January 31st, 2022, my link gets you 15% off, so take advantage of the extra savings!)

baby bath time essentials - Tubby Todd bath soap/products

baby bath time essentials: bath toys & books

He’s loving bath books right now!!!

bath toy holder/organizer

Just ordered this because our toys are everywhere and it’s a mess, haha!


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I hope this little round up of Baby Bath Time Essentials was helpful for any other mamas out there! If I missed any other important ones, drop them in the comments for other moms to see!



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