Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

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I’m obsessed with my dogs. That’s not a secret. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my 4-legged friend obsession. I know a lot of YOU are dog lovers too, so I had no choice but to create a Holiday Gift Guide just for PETS! And when I say pets……….. I mean dogs. Sorry, cat people.

In this guide I am sharing some things that we either have and love, or items that we’ve had in mind to purchase for Harley & Koda. I will definitely keep my eye out for sales over the next month or so and let you know if any of this is significantly discounted for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, etc.

Also, most of the links in this post are commissionable links. If you find something here (or anywhere on my site) that you love and decide to buy, it means SO much if you use my links. I earn a small amount of commission, but every dollar makes a difference and allows me to continue pouring my time and energy into creating content for you. Thank you so much for supporting me & my small business.

Okay, let’s do this!


Price and links: $39.99 for 32 oz and $49.99 for 64 oz

YETI Boomer 4 Dog Bowl 1 holiday gift guide for pets

These bowls come in 6 colors: black, navy, red, seafoam, river green, and stainless steel. I kinda like the look of the black. Because we have two bigger dogs, we will definitely go for the 64 oz bowl for their water.

Ethan likes to spoil our dogs just as much as I do, and says they deserve a bowl that keeps their water ice cold. LOL. Just wait til we have kids someday…


Price and link: $199.99

holiday gift guide for pets furbo camera

In case you haven’t heard of it, this is the camera where you can livestream your dog’s every move day and night on your phone. If you think about it, it’s also basically a security camera… so, it’s necessary.

BUT, you can talk to your dog through the microphone AND toss them treats if you want! This would make me feel so much better on days we are gone for hours and the dogs are left alone. Plus I just like to spy on them and look at their cuteness when I’m away.

It appears you also need an Amazon Alexa Dot along with this, which honestly, you should have anyway. I think we have three, lol. You can ask her the weather + 100s of other questions, have her play music for you, set alarms, turn lights on and off, etc. Alexa is the best.

Click here for Amazon Alexa Dot — only $29.99 and worth every penny.


Koda, our 45 lb dog, is currently laying in my parents’ 18 lb dog’s bed. So, when we move, we need to purchase some big boy beds. I had several people on IG HIGHLY recommend Costco dog begs. Apparently they are very affordable and durable, and dogs love ’em.

However, if you’re not a Costco member or would rather have something delivered to your doorstep, I rounded up a few dog bed options I found on Amazon just by looking at reviews & different price points. Listed in order from lowest to highest price.

I chose these because I think my dogs at least want some sort of ledge to lay their head on like a pillow. #divas

Orthopedic Pet Dog Bed — $37.99

Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed — $39.99-$69.99 depending on size

holiday gift guide for pets dog bed

If your dog completely runs the house, they deserve this as their throne.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa — $64-$117

One more that’s not Amazon, but someone highly recommended! Sorry for the poor quality photo.

Pet Bed – $39.99

Alternate image 2 for PawsLife™ Thompson Mattress Pet Bed

perkie prints – personalized portraits of your pups

One of my followers told me to check out Perkie Prints on Instagram and I immediately fell in love. They were so kind to send me some portraits of Harley & Koda. What you do is email them some of your favorite photos of your pups (can be taken on phone or camera) and they will let you know which ones they think will work best. Then they do their thing and send it back to make sure you love it (which you will).

See below for the portraits of my boys!

After that you can get them printed and/or framed to display on your walls so that every guest to come through your home knows how much you adore your dogs. Ethan and I both currently have these saved as our phone backgrounds, so the digital file alone is definitely worth it.

However, we are 100% going to hang these in our new house when it’s done, but haven’t decided where or what size we want yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this and share pics!

Click here to shop all Perkie Prints products!


Our dogs both sleep in their kennels and for years we have just covered them with blankets, but TBH, it looks horrible and the blankets slide all over the place. In our new house I think we are hoping to build some sort of pretty, wooden, joint kennel situation, but I think these kennel covers are a great idea for anyone else out there who may also have an ugly blanket situation happening. (Over 3,000 reviews, 4.3 stars)

Click here to shop — $17-43 dollars, price varies depending on size

holiday gift guide for dogs kennel cover


Honestly, we don’t use these enough, but when we do fill them with some peanut butter, the dogs go NUTS. And more importantly, they are occupied for a very large chunk of time. If you have a stocking for your dog (who doesn’t?), these are a perfect stocking stuffer. ; )

Click here for a 2-pack for $21 (on Prime).

holiday gift guide for pets

Furminator Brush

Okay, so this is technically a gift for you if you have a shedding dog, but if you’re dog enjoys getting brushed, then it’s a double win.

It works by reaching through the topcoat to remove the loose undercoat hair without hurting your dog. Our dogs love it. Well, Harley does — Koda is still unsure. Either way, it gets rid of a CRAP TON OF HAIR. Perfect for our Aussies and other dogs that shed.

Click here to check it out — $20 or less depending on size needed

holiday gift guide for pets


I shared this toy when we first got Koda, but wanted to share it again because he loved it so much. If you are considering getting a new puppy or currently have one, we would highly recommend. (It has 4.3 stars and >3,000 reviews.)

Click here to shop it — $39.95

holiday gift guide for pets snuggle puppy

Essentially it’s a stuffed animal that your pup sleeps with, but it has a heart inside that pulses & even has heat packs you can tuck inside — this simulates them being with their litter mates and makes the transition to the kennel at night easier. (Also, in case you’re debating this, I want to give some unsolicited advice: KENNEL TRAIN YOUR PUPPY. Truly life changing and I promise they’ll learn to love it.)

Koda did so much better with his Snupple Puppy and honestly had it until he was about a year old. One night he had a poop incident and ruined it, so…. RIP. But I’ve contemplated getting him another one just to cuddle with.

Deer antlers

If you want to keep your dog busy with a toy, give them antlers. These were life savers for us when Koda was teething, but the boys still love them. No added preservatives or junk.

Click here to shop — $22.95


Koda is 0% a hunting dog, but Ethan’s old roommate’s dog is, and we still have one of these toys, and Koda LOVES it. Don’t ask me why, but he would choose it over every other toy ever, so thought I’d share it, haha!

Click here — only $6.99!

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Gift Guide for Pets 2019!!! I will try to add to this if I come across anything else that your doggo absolutely must have! 🙂

More gift guides to come. Stay tuned!


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