Why I Love The Billie Razor

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Today I am sharing all the details on why I love the Billie Razor so much, and why I think you will too! This razor was made with women in mind and it’s super affordable, works beautifully and it is SO convenient.

why I love the Billie Razor; products

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Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Billie and I am being compensated monetarily for social promotion, and received gifted product; however, all opinions expressed are my own. This is a product I have used and loved long before this collaboration!

Why I Love the billie razor: convenience

In case you didn’t know, the Billie Razor is a subscription service, so it gets delivered to you before you even realize you need more. THE BEST. Don’t worry; it’s flexible, so you can adjust, delay or cancel your subscription any time. I get replacement blades every two months!

why i love the billie razor

why i love the billie razor: affordability

The number one reason I switched to the Billie Razor a year or so ago was because of the price. Razors at the store are ridiculously expensive, and when I heard about Billie and how affordable it is, it was a no-brainer!

why I love the Billie Razor; products

You can get the Razor Starter Kit for just $9 + free shipping to start you off. This includes the razor handle, two blades and the “magic holder” for the shower. Then after that, it is $9 per shipment for FOUR replacement blades. Yes, you heard me right. $9 for four blades. Unreal!

why i love the billie razor: functionality

So you’re probably wondering about the razor itself — is it good quality? The answer is yes. The Billie Razor has five super sharp blades that are nickel-free and rust-free, and the charcoal shave soap between the blades and your skin provides a smooth, comfortable shave. I never cut myself with this razor and my skin feels super soft after shaving.

why i love the billie razor; shave cream, shower wall holder

Possibly my favorite thing is the “magic holder”. Spoiler alert: it’s a magnet, but you stick the holder to the wall, then stick the razor to it, and it stays put. This is so nice because the razor doesn’t take up room on the ledges or get all nasty sitting in a puddle of water.

why i love the billie razor: variety

Billie offers a wide variety of products in addition to their razors. The razor itself also comes in lots of cute colors. I got DreamPop this time, but I also have coral! You can’t go wrong.

Other products they offer:

They also have gift sets on their site, which is perfect for this time of year to gift to a friend or family member, or to yourself! ; )

Many of you will be happy to hear that all of their products have Environmental Working Group (EWG) scores of 1-2, meaning they are safe and clean.

Their products are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Vegan
  • Free of formaldehydes, GMOs, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, fragrances, cheap foaming agents, unstable silicones or BHT

why i love billie: their values

Last, but definitely not least, I love Billie’s mission and values.

Billie was created to champion womankind. Since the beginning, they have donated 1% of their revenue to support women as well as other important causes around the world.

Billie recently donated $100K across Black Lives Matter and the NAACP. Moving forward, they are focusing their 1% contribution to specifically support BIPOC women. They have zero-tolerance for racism and systemic oppression, and they are passionate about making sure their employees, partners and customers uphold these values, too.

I love working with brands who are making a difference, and I am proud to be a partner to Billie!

shop the billie razor & accessories

Click the right and left arrows below to scroll through their different products to shop!

I hope this was helpful! Now you know why I love the Billie Razor so much, and I’m pretty confident you will too! Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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