Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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In case you missed it, we are having a BABY! And we just found out it is a sweet little BOY! To be honest, it is still totally surreal, but we are so, so excited! I started planning our gender reveal party a few weeks in advance and gathered supplies and goodies from a variety of places. I wanted to share details on everything we had at ours to give you all some helpful gender reveal party ideas, too!

gender reveal party ideas; baby boy, pregnancy - reaction photo

We were initially planning to have everyone inside / outside & serve a bunch of brunch food since we hosted it in the mid-morning, but due to COVID, and wanting to be cautious, we kept it all outside and tried to allow everyone to stay distanced as much as possible, had hand sanitizer available, etc.

gender reveal party ideas; baby boy, pregnancy - reaction photo

With that being said, we didn’t serve all of the brunch-y food we initially planned to, but I’ll still include what we were going to serve in case it’s helpful!

I did not have a specific “theme” for our party besides just “boy or girl”, the typical pink & blue stuff, etc. : )

gender reveal party ideas; baby boy, pregnancy - reaction photo

gender reveal party decorations

I didn’t want to go too crazy or spend a ton of money on decorations, so this is what I got:

  • Plates, napkins and silverware from Michael’s. They were 60% off at the time and super affordable, plus the colors were perfect. I got a combo of pink and blue/teal.
  • Fun, floral napkins from Home Goods (although I saw some cute, similar ones at Michael’s too!)
  • 12 blue balloons and 12 pink balloons from Party City. Ordered these about a week and a half in advance to pick up the morning of the party. I ordered 3 pink and 3 blue baby bottle balloon weights so I could separate the balloons and scatter them around the house, garage, porch, etc.
gender reveal party ideas; decorations
  • Pink & blue banner (was going to put on the mantel, but ended up hanging above the garage) from Party City also, but I found a cute similar one on Amazon (click here) — it just doesn’t have letters. Here is another cute option: click here.
gender reveal party ideas; decorations, banner
Me and my momma!
  • For the rainbow baby onesie I got, click here. I love it even more in person.
rainbow baby onesie; gender reveal party ideas
  • For a cute, changeable letter board, click here. You will get lots of use out of this even after this party!
pregnancy announcement photo; gender reveal ideas; letter board

gender reveal party food and drink

I hosted our gender reveal around 10:30 AM or “brunch” time, so I wanted to have some brunch-y foods. (Again, including the foods we were planning to serve if COVID didn’t exist!)

gender reveal cake; elephant, blue and pink sprinkles
gender reveal party cookies; boy or girl, hearts, rainbow baby
  • Mimosa bar with champagne, orange juice & berries (or “man-mosas” with beer & OJ) — we actually still did offer these and just had the orange juice in a cooler and champagne in a wine cooler on the table!
  • I wanted to do some cute custom pink & blue donuts (like the ones pictured below from, but also didn’t want to go to the trouble or spend more money, haha! So I was just going to go the easy route and get a bunch of donut holes instead! I mean, who doesn’t love glazed donut holes?
Photo from instagram @californiadonuts
My cousin (who knew the gender) got these cute donuts for us for after the reveal!!!
  • Mom was planning to make a veggie egg casserole — recipe here
  • My friends were going to make this amazing French toast bake — recipe here
  • I also planned to put out some cheese & mixed nuts to offset all of the sweet stuff, ha!
  • Also had little water bottles available in beverage tubs & coolers with ice

gender reveal outfit ideas

gender reveal party ideas; decorations, banner
My sweet niece Sierra!

what we used to reveal the gender

My friend Shelby Ditch used these confetti poppers for her reveal and I believe she found them from Hunter Premo, so I knew they would be good! The confetti is also biodegradable which is ideal, so the neighbors can’t yell at me later. ; )


gender reveal party ideas; confetti poppers, it's a boy!

I will warn you – it was HARD to pop!! Ethan had to do mine for me, haha!

I gave the gender results to my cousin so she would know which confetti poppers for us to use. The ones we got look the same on the outside for boy and girl but come with instructions on how to tell them apart, so I had her order them too so I didn’t ruin it for myself, haha.

Since we wanted to order in advance and make sure we got them in plenty of time, we ordered 3 pink and 3 blue and planned to return whichever ones we didn’t end up using, just so we weren’t stressed about them not arriving in time. Which is good, because it looks like a lot of them are sold out now! Hopefully they restock soon.

gender reveal party ideas; confetti poppers, it's a boy, camo onesie

We bought three of each so Ethan and I could both pop one for the reveal, and then use a third one for some photos afterward. We initially thought it would be fun to have our guests do the confetti at us or with us, but we also didn’t want to spend an extra $50+ haha, so we went the cheaper route and just got three! I still do think that would be fun though.

who took photos at our party

We had @kaitlinreneephoto take photos for us at our gender reveal! We have some mutual friends and that is how we found her! She does such a wonderful job and was such a pleasure to work with!!! Check her out on IG if you are interested! : )

I think that is all I have to share, but I hope this gives you all of the gender reveal party ideas if you are planning one in the near future! Let me know if I missed anything or if you have questions on anything else! We are so excited to be having a baby BOY!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



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