Episode #34: New Home Building FAQs

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ICYMI, we built a house… again! Yes, this is our second build in the past few years, but we hope to stay put for a V LONG TIME, haha. 

In this episode to go in to WHY we built again, and tons of other FAQs I’ve gotten since moving into our new build!

What I cover in this episode: 

  • Why did we decide to build a house vs. buy an older/existing home
  • What did we dislike about our old house that made us want to move? 
  • What did we do differently with the new house
  • How flexible was your builder with custom requests that were not part of the original floor plan
  • How long does it take to build?
  • Did you wait until the build was done to sell your previous home?
  • How does it work financially – two mortgage payments?
  • How to balance what you want vs. what you can afford? 
  • Where to splurge and where to save
  • Biggest must do’s and don’ts when building
  • And more! 

If you’re wondering about specific selections for things like flooring, tile, paint, and all that fun stuff, I published a blog post just for you! You can find all of those details on my blog HERE! 

Let me know if I missed anything important! I hope this was helpful! 


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