Holiday Gift Guide For The Home

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As you know, my husband and I are building a home, and it will be done *hopefully* around the beginning of February, which is SOON! Needless to say, I have all things home, kitchen, decor, bathroom, etc. on the brain. I thought I’d go ahead and share some home things I currently have and love, as well as some items on our home wish list! I hope you enjoy my Holiday Gift Guide For The Home!

Note: most of the links in this post are commissionable links. If you find something here (or anywhere on my site) that you love and decide to buy, it means SO much if you use my links. I earn a small amount of commission, but every dollar makes a difference and allows me to continue pouring my time and energy into creating content for you. Thank you so much for supporting me & my small business!!

Here we go!


I have had the Foodi for a few months now and it’s honestly amazing. It’s like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer and more all in one. It has SO many functions in one device, so you don’t have to store 10 different bulky appliances. I highly recommend it! It’s also very easy to clean. I have the 8 qt version.


Click here to shop the Foodi. On sale for $199 at the time of this post!

ninja kitchen foodi; holiday gift guide for the home


We have this blender and love it so much — it blends things so well and the to-go cups are incredibly convenient and easy to clean. It’s also easy to store, not too bulky!

Click here to shop the blender. $49

nutribullet blender holiday gift guide for the home


We have had a Gravity weighted blanket for probably 6+ months now and we love it, and sleep with it every single night. I have a discount code for Gravity — it’s SHANNA15 for 15% off. With that being said, they are still pretty pricy.

The one I’m linking below is a little over $100, but has over 10,000 FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Pretty amazing!!! There’s an option to check the box under the price for $20 off! (At least for me!) If you look through the different photos, it has guidelines on which weight to purchase depending on your body weight.

Click here to shop the weighted blanket.


We purchased a Dyson when it was way on sale (but still expensive) and at first I was mad at Ethan for doing it. However, I changed my mind when I tried the vacuum for the first time. Let me just tell you — vacuuming has forever been my LEAST favorite household chore. Not with this guy. The fact that it’s cordless and so lightweight is truly a game changer. You’re not sweating your ass off lugging around a 100 lb machine. LOL.

Trust me — you need, especially if you have a lot of tile/wood floor and/or shedding dogs like us. GAME CHANGER! Couldn’t recommend it more.


Currently $247 here; REGULARLY $399! CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL

dyson vacuum holiday gift guide for home


We have this robot vacuum and love it. You can set a timer and run it during the day when you’re not home and it just helps keep things cleaner all the time, especially if you have shedding dogs! It has a charging station and we emptied ours pretty much daily because it picked up so much stuff!



I did include this in my Holiday Gift Guide for Him but it seemed appropriate to include it here as well, especially considering Ethan is very determined to have surround sound in our entire house with these speakers. We have one now and love it — sound quality is great, love the sleek look of them, and should be going on sale around the holidays!

Click here to shop the speakers. $50 off for Cyber Monday making it $129

sonos speakers holiday gift guide for him and the home


I think everyone needs a Ring Doorbell in this day and age. Especially if you’re Amazon-a-holics like us and constantly getting packages, it’s just nice to have that peace of mind. Especially when we have kids in the future I will be glad to have the extra security. Definitely worth the money IMO.

Click here for the Ring Doorbell. $70 off for Cyber Monday!!!

ring doorbell holiday gift guide for the home

Amazon Echo Show

This is a new Amazon device that has Alexa integrated as well that we have our eyes on. It basically does all the same things as the other Alexa devices but it has a screen, so you can sync it to your Ring doorbell, do video calls, control your Smart home, access recipes and lots more.

Click here to shop the Echo 5 – only $49.99 for Cyber Monday

Click here to shop the Echo 8 – $79.99 for Cyber Monday (Ethan and I went with this one!)

RING DOORBELL + ECHO BUNDLE — only $139 for both!!!!

amazon echo show 8 holiday gift guide for the home


Ethan and I drink iced coffee year round, no matter the temperature. Starbucks is obviously > ANYTHING, but if you’re tired of breaking the bank on fancy drinks, try this cold brew maker!!!! It’s truly a game changer. We love it. We use 1 cup of vanilla ground coffee blend from ALDI and fill it up with water, let it soak 12 hours or so, and then it’s good to go! Just add half and half or your creamer of choice. Saves so much money to make this at home!

Click here for the Cold Brew Maker.

cold brew maker holiday gift guide for the home


I have a tiny little oil diffuser that I love and is perfect for my bedside table, but in our future home I kinda want a pretty, fancier oil diffuser to sit on my kitchen counter. We will have white everything so I think this would look super pretty with it.

Click here for the diffuser. Only $31 and really good reviews


We have been bar stool shopping for what seems like forever, and I think we have finally landed on these. Love the look and the comfort of the ones on the left. However, we also really like the ones on the right. So I’m linking both! We will have a lot of gray in our house, so we kinda wanna mix things up and go with the brown-ish color!

Click here for leather bar stools.

Click here for gray bar stools.


Area rugs can be insanely expensive and we have done lots of research on these. I think these are the 1-2 that we have landed on. Just depends if we wanna go with something neutral and add color with pillows/decor, or vice versa! DECISIONS. (PS: help.)

Click here for rug with blue accents.

Click here for tribal rug. Inspired by @thesisterstudioig!!! She has the best home decor recs (and fashion and really everything if you don’t already follow her).


I love the look of this floor lamp and I think I can visualize the perfect place for it in our house! Will look super pretty in the living room next to our large sectional, I think! Love incorporating hints of gold throughout the house.

Click here for the floor lamp.

holiday gift guide for the home, target floor lamp gold


Because….. wine. I don’t drink wine a TON, but when I do, I definitely don’t want to eff with opening it the old fashioned way. This thing is great.

Click here to shop it. Only $19.99.

Image result for brookstone wine opener"


This blog post includes 20+ kitchen gadgets that I believe everyone needs. Most are super affordable, little things that just make life easier and make it easy to eat healthy! Highly recommend everything on that list!

KITCHEN ESSENTIALS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE (great to add to your wedding registry if you’re getting married!)

two-tier copper fruit basket

I hope this Holiday Gift Guide For The Home is helpful for all of you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about these items! And if you see anything go on sale, let me know so I can spread the word! 🙂

In case you missed my other gift guides, check them out below!

Happy Shopping!


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